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ZNA 30 Cloned?

Well, it looks like House of Hybrid’s ZNA 30 has been cloned. It’s hard to tell from the photos, but it looks like a 1:1 clone, complete with logos.

Wotofo Limited-Vapor ecig on Facebook just dropped these photos in the Mod Envy Group.

ZNA 30 welcome preorder now!

Zhang Pauline Hi, Vance hill, tell Joe that there is ZNA clone, only can find it in WOTOFO company.

zenDNA30_Clone1 zenDNA30_Clone2 zenDNA30_Clone3 zenDNA30_Clone4


I am not sure what your stance on clones are, but I do find it funny that people get upset when box mods get cloned, but the same people have a dozen mech mod clones.

The ZNA 30 is one of the devices I have really had my eyes on. I just can’t see dropping $400+ on one right now. I am not sure if I’ll grab the clone but If it’s legit, I might.



  1. I’m in discussions with them right now trying to place an order. They have a MOQ of 5 @ $60 each. I’m trying to get them to just send me one but each new person I’m transferred to doesn’t know the last person got authorization for me to buy just 1. lol