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The growing marketplace of vaping might be reaching a saturation point of silliness. Today’s latest design mods aren’t innovating as much as they’re just featuring no one needs, or power no one can realistically 100% use.

Regardless of features & flamboyance, bells & whistles, in the end, all we need to vape is an atomizer, some e-liquid & a power source. Don’t misunderstand, actually I like LEDs & sharp looks of YiHi SXmini G-Class as much as anyone, but the unique “feature” I want is the experience to enjoy flavor & vapor without compromise. The rest is window dressing. SXMINI G CLASS

[heading size=”28″ text_align=”left”]THE RELENTLESS PURSUIT OF PERFECT VAPE EXPERIENCE[/heading]

Yi SXmini G-Class are exceptionally well built & they perform flawlessly every time. .

Yi SXmini G-Class is designed especially for professional and high-level vapers. This device is powered by the YiHi SXmini G-Class processor which presents intelligent power regulation. The SXmini G-Class is a small size but the incredibly powerful mechanism, designed to deliver a balance of both power & convenience.

Whether you’re going through a relaxing vape, or out to win your next vape competition, the Sxmini from Yihi SXmini G-Class is performing to be your mods of choice. Setting different standards for style, size, comfort, & power, the Sxmini offers an unparalleled variety of mods & features that put control-& regulation where it belongs.


  • SXiQ control system
  • Anti-dry burning technology
  • TFT display
  • Graphic interface for users
  • 0.05-1.0ohms Resistance(Joule mode)
  • Joule Mode
  • Upgradable firmware
  • 1.0 to 9.5 Volts Output Voltage
  • 0.05 ohm – 3.0 ohm Resistance(Power mode)
  • Output Joule:212-572° F/100-300°C10J-120J.
  • Control by Bluetooth App
  • Robust Taste modes
  • Onboard charging with USB Type-C (5V/2A)
  • Output short, Reverse polarity, low battery voltage, low resistance, overheat & battery over charge protection

Include The Box

  • 1 x YiHi SX Mini G-Class Mod
  • 1 x USB-C Cable
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x Warranty
  • Metal Tin Gift Box

[heading size=”28″ text_align=”left”]FIRST IMPRESSION OUT OF THE BOX[/heading]

The packaging is much Apple like. Simple yet classic. The box is capped with a frosted sleeve. Push the box out & open it up & you are greeted with a great looking mod. The mod is included in a kind of stretchy shrink cover. Take off the plastic covering & all I can say is WOW! This thing just feels great & the build quality stands out on this mod from the first touch. Impressive!

Perfect Ergonomic Design

The SX Mini G Class is from the famous Chinese manufacturer SX Mini & it’s simply incredible. A relatively small mod with a centered 510 connector, Bluetooth, and its dedicated smartphone app.

[heading size=”28″ text_align=”left”]FROM TOP TO BOTTOM[/heading]

Top dead market on the SX Mini G Class you will get one of the most reliable 510 connections I have ever experienced. It is wonderfully milled out of stainless steel with absolutely buttery flat threading. The 510 is nice & springy. All of your atomizers will sit blush. There are milled holes in the 510 platform in case you are still using an atomizer that receives its air from the bottom. Two stainless steel pins keep the platform firmly in place. The platform itself sits flush with the frame of the mod. This mod will consume up 30mm atomizers without a difficulty since the platform itself is 31mm. Ultimately, someone in China listened & built us a mod with a centered 510 that will fit 30mm atomizers with no overhang.

The battery door is another piece of beauty. The door opens from the bottom of the mod via a tiny locking tab. Push the tab with the finger & the door jumps open. On the middle of the door, you do hold battery orientation markings. I do prefer they were more noticeable with a brilliant color. They are in black & they can be hard to see in low light conditions. The door performs a solid connection with both 18650’s & it’s entirely constructed. There is some branding & a serial number on the edge of the door.

On the reverse of the mod, the reverse side of the screen, there is an SX Mini logo that lights up. It looks numerous & it’s not too distracting, but I would favor there be a way to set it off. As of this article, there is no way to do that. Hopefully, this becomes fixed with an update. Update: This has now been made with an upgrade.


This mod is single/dual convertible battery — it requires 2 x 18650 high amp batteries, so we suggest you pick up a pack of 3000mAh batteries similar the ones before you use this device. With huge capacity, the first voltage, & a constant current, this is a good option for your brand-new YiHi SX Mini G Class mod.


This 200-watt SX Mini G Class was designed to suit up to 31mm tanks & RDAs with an excellent fit. Discover your tank for this device, as one does not develop with it.


As for the coils, this mod helps stainless titanium, steel, & nickel coils for preferred compatibility options.


As you saw in the specifications, this mod is Bluetooth implemented. You can sync a Bluetooth fit mobile application so you can compare this device remotely

[heading size=”28″ text_align=”left”]LOOK, FEEL, & GENERAL AESTHETICS[/heading]

Name plate aside this mod resembles & feels great. It is a thing of value & in my opinion, one of the greatest-looking mass created mods ready today. Every piece that makes up the G Class from the 510 connection to the battery door & everywhere in between is great quality

OLED Display

The OLED image contains an improved SX550J chipset & features SXPure Technology, which is established in all of the SX Mini devices — that technology provides the consumer a range of choices to pick from via the OLED screen.

Joystick Controlled Screen

The performance & feature of this mod is noticeably improved. With the new Joystick tested screen, the options on the display menu will move fast & intuitively, & will start your vaping adventure that much better.


The quality of the build is pure & worth every bit of the $220 price tag. With coffee/brown leather, carbon fiber, & black leather to choose from, your mod will look great from the outside to the interior.

You can obtain a choice between SS, Ti, & Ni coils for an excellent variety of atomizers to decide from. You can also sync via Bluetooth to check your SX Mini remotely into a mobile app, which is iOS & &roid harmonious.

Protective Features

One of the numerous things about this SX Mini G Class is the variety of protective characteristics it offers for superior stability. You can use this mod when it is charging via USB with the detour mode. With reverse polarity, battery over charge protection, temperature overheat protection, little output protection, battery low voltage protection, anti-dry burning technology, & flexible advantages that enable you to customize your mod, this great-performance YiHi mod is as good as it gets.

Color Choices

The options in color & material for the SX Mini G are all champions — regardless of which of the choices you like, you will have a great-looking, top echelon vaping device that others will be envious of.

  • Carbon Fiber
  • Black Leather
  • Coffee/Brown Leather


The board is too Bluetooth compatible, but badly, their app is only accessible from iOS devices, totally ignoring their & android clients. We believe that Yihi will be replacing this soon. Update:: The App is now ready for both ios & anroid.


The menus operation on the G Class first appears confusing & complicated even for the seasoned vaper. However, after spending sometimes the list, the training curve is not abrupt at all. So let’s split it down & go over the menu mode in a simple, candid fashion.

  • Five clicks shift it on after connecting batteries.
  • Three clicks secure the mod & show you clock point.
  • Three clicks open the mod.
  • Push the joystick up to regulate the screen brightness.
  • Push & press the joystick in to lock the resistance.
  • When the mod is on the rush the fire switch five times to reach all the diverse functions of the mod.


I’ve had that mod for a while & it has simply become my go to mod. It is the mod I reach for the maximum out of my huge collection of mods. It vapes wonderfully in any mode you put it in. While I would have liked to be able to harmonize my pre heat, the modes they give accurate & on point in power or TC mode.

The vape this thing performs is just majestic. I get thick, flavorful, lush, clouds. Battery time on this mod is excellent as well. I go through about two sets of batteries a day but to be fair; I have just not been able to put this mod here so it probably gets a lot more use than it should.

[heading size=”28″ text_align=”left”]CONCLUSION[/heading]

This is the finest mass offered mod available. It just exudes quality & in my opinion is extremely worth the price of admission.
Purchase pair 18650 batteries for the SXmini G so you can run the mod at full energy. They match side-by-side to fill up those two rounded sides & are released via one linked door at the base. Although a USB port & gold-plated chargers are produced, I recommend that you buy two more batteries & exchange cells when you want to replenish power.

Also, mention back to the business website & obtain out if there is current firmware available. That is what the USB stuff is for.