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Welcome to myVaporSite [Video]

Welcome to myVaporSite.com!

This video basically shares with the YouTube audience what is planned for this site! I go over who I am and what I’ve done in the past. I have been doing YouTube videos since 2007 and had quite a bit of success early on, way before you could monetize videos. I was one of the earlier smartphone reviewers to utilize YouTube for my video unboxings and reviews.

This website will be a blog 1st type site where I plan to cover ecig news in regards to health concerns, federal legislation, etc… When I say blog 1st, I mean that the core of the site will not be the forums like most of the other successful communities I have developed have been.

There will be 5 initial areas of coverage.

  1. A blog where I share my own feelings, gear, stories, and more. I will have some friends that will contribute to this section as well. We’ll share our success with quitting regular cigs!
  2. A news section where we’ll cover the industry as a whole. New product announcements, FDA stuff, health issues, and more.
  3. A guide section where we’ll share via images and video information for those that are new to ecigs. In my other communities, I’ve found that keeping it simple is the best formula. I like to share in a way that anyone can understand.
  4. Review section. We plan to share our opinions on hardware and eJuices. This might start off slow, but we’ll crank them out soon enough.
  5. A Directory of resources. I plan to develop a directory that will give visitors a complete set of links to manufacturers websites, online retailers/re-sellers, links to websites with information about the industry, and most importantly, I plan to provide info and links to brick and mortar shops that specialize in the sale of ecig products.

I don’t plan to look at the disposable ecig side of the house much. I personally find that most of the “Gas Station” ecigs are a waste of time and money. I will also try to stand by my values and not promote these solutions for the sake of financial gain on the website. I’ll try to stick to advertisers that provide products that we are behind.

This will be a journey.

I realize there are a lot of other websites already out there, but the difference is that this is MYVAPORSITE.com … get it?  The fact that there are other great sites already in place doesn’t mean I can’t have my own. When I created Aximsite in 2002, there were several other sites as well and ours did very well even though there were others. Some of my best friends are owners of other sites I was running alongside.

A little about me!

I’ve been a hobbyist webmaster since the mid to late 90s. I have thrown websites online about subjects I’ve been passionate about. Some earlier sites didn’t really hit the mark, but they were fun for me.

In Dec 2002, I decided to put a site online to share a new passion of mine, the Dell Axim Pocket PC….

By the end of that month, my web host said I had to go… I was using too many resources. I was forced to get a dedicated server for the site. The forum membership went from 1 to 20k in the 1st month. I didn’t have any ads, and a dedicated server was going to kill me financially. Luckily, a company came to my rescue and floated the bill for a year. We continued to grow. In march 2003, I had to upgrade software to accommodate the traffic. In 2006, Aximsite peaked at 4k Alexa rating, if you know what that means. We evolved into Mobilitysite after the pocketpc world slowed down. Long story short, Aximsite’s success ended up creating a dozen or more spinoff sites, most of which were successful too.

In 2009, something happened with my day job that made it difficult on me to continue. A change in the company created a conflict of interest with covering the mobile tech world. I had several offers to buy out my website network in the past, so when this happened, I started to scramble to find a buyer. I couldn’t continue in the way I wanted to, so I had to get out.

In march 2010, I found a buyer. Unfortunately, they haven’t kept the site up though. In 2010, I sold pretty much ever site I owned.

Later in 2010, I started writing for a friends site, GottaBeMobile and that went on/off for a couple years . I eventually removed myself from that community altogether and shut down all my social media accounts.

I haven’t had anything I have been passionate enough about since then… until now. Ecigs!!!!

I didn’t mention this in the video, but the logo… it’s a throwback logo. It resembles the logo I used on several websites over the years. It kind of gives a viewer the feeling of being back on Aximsite, a site that is no longer around but was the vehicle that provided several years of fun and success online. I’ve reacquired the Aximsite.com domain but haven’t done anything with it.

Thanks for checking out the site and I hope you will enjoy it as it grows.