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Vision Spinner II vs Innokin iTaste CLK!

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I was talking with some folks on Facebook about the Vision Spinner II and I compared it to the Innokin iTaste CLK! and then decided to throw together a quick video comparing them.

The Innokin CLK! comes with an iClear 16D tank, a Lanyard, beauty ring and battery charge. It has pass-through charging and an 800mah battery. It comes in pink, silver, and black. Cost for the kit is $49.95.

The Vision Spinner II comes with just the battery, nothing else. It has a 1650 mah. It comes in gold, black, blue, pink, silver, green, red, or purple. Most of the stores I have seen sell the Spinner II between $30-35 and that’s just for the battery. The Vision Spinner II has a great recessed button that makes the battery much more sleek.

Although the CLK! has 1/2 the battery capacity that the Spinner II has, I honestly prefer the CLK!, mostly because of the pass-through charging. The Spinner II has several advantages over the CLK! in my opinion, but the CLK! wins for me because of its size and the pass-through charging. The Spinner II’s array of color choices, the extra battery size and button are winning features.

I will have a review of the Spinner II online eventually. My Innokin CLK! review is already online, check it out here.

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