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The Variant Gets Cloned – 260 Watt Box Mod

If you’ve been reading this site a while now, you’ll know that I love regulated box mods… a lot. I’ve loved the looks of the Vicious Ant Variant, but the $599 (or more) price was a deal breaker for me, not to mention the lack of availability.


Well, it looks like the Variant is being cloned now. It seems that 2 different company names are showing the same photos of a clone that claims to be a 260 watt box. Both Limwell and Psmoke are sharing the same photos with their own logos online. What that means is the same “manufacturer” in China is making the box and both of these companies are selling the same thing basically.

limwell250_6 limwell250_4

limwell250_3 limwell250_2

The fact that there isn’t any photos or videos of this box turned on or being used has me a little apprehensive at this point. They claim that the clone is a 1:1 clone so I’d love to see what they’ve done with the UI. At least the iPV and Sigelei box hype, prior to them materializing, came with demo videos by their respective companies.  I’ll file this one in the same drawer as the ZNA clone rumors that went on for a while until they actually came to market. Just another note, Limwell is one of the companies that is supposed to be releasing a GI2 100 watt clone as well.

The literature I found on Alibaba and Facebook, show that this box will be 260 watts, fire from 0.5 to 3.0 ohms, built-in 8.4 volt, 2600 mah battery (2x 4.2v batteries), and will be made from 304 grade stainless steel rather than titanium. 

If this comes to market and works well, it should be a hit, but I am skeptical and going to take a pass on the several preorders out there. Who needs 260 watts anyhow?


  1. Had this box for a week now I have put coils in as low as .11 works great awesome flavor and temperature I have this and I’m waiting for my smy 260 to compare them against each other