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Vapo Disposable Pod System by VaporTech Review

Vapo by Vapor Tech is a proven effective way to give up cigarettes, completely and ensure you don’t relapse. It is a disposable salt nicotine vape pod system, which is convenient to use with no messy refill necessary. Vapo is pocket friendly, non-rechargeable, and non-refillable.

One of the striking features of Vapo by VaporTech is the careful selection of flavors available. It can take you to the countryside with Tobacco flavor, to the orchards with Melon, Strawberry, Peach, Grape, Mango, Kiwi, and Blue Raspberry, and to the north pole with Summer Menthol. Each flavor is impressive and tastes like the real deal.

Nicotine Level
Vapo by Vapor Tech contains ejuices with nicotine levels of 3% and 6%. Each pod can give you 280 puffs.

Product Description
The Vapo is a white-colored pinky-sized salt nicotine disposable pod, with a lining of ash color on the bottom. It comes with a vape juice capacity of 1.2ml and is pre-filled. The disposable pod has a fully charged battery from the box. It does not come with any buttons; it is draw-activated. When you take a draw, a battery light indicator at the bottom of the disposable pod comes on. There are two airflow holes at the bottom of the pod.

Brand Profile
VaporTech is an innovative company that creates top-quality vaping devices. VaporTech disposable vape pods represent a new leap in vaping devices. It is suitable, both for newbies and seasoned vapers.

Vapo by Vapor Tech can be purchased conveniently via vaportechusa.com for $19.99.

With Vapo by Vapor Tech, you never have to worry about refilling or recharging your device. Also, you don’t have to pack extra juices or carry batteries around.