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Vaping #FTW Flex FFL

This is a bit off the topic of vaping but 11 other vapers and I decided to compete in a friendly Fantasy Football League. I will provide updates here throughout the season. I am not sure who all we have in the league, but the idea was Raider Chic’s idea and Rich Gavina aka Tower of Vape put the idea in motion. Raider Chic is a host on Quest and she has her own line of juice called Signature Sauces. Rich is a host of several shows on Nova Broadcasting. There are 9 others that I need to meet still. I didn’t want to be too friendly during the draft. Draft time is super serious business ya know.

Yahoo liked my draft. Not sure what kind of grade others got, but they told me I drafted an A+ draft.

Thank you for completing your draft with Yahoo Fantasy Football! With a manager like you, Tuscaloosa Falcons should be in great shape, no matter what the computers say.

But let’s check with them anyway! We sat down with our friends at Automated Insights and took a look at your draft. After crunching the numbers and throwing some darts, your draft received an:


Wow. You might as well start engraving your name on that trophy now. But don’t take our word for it — read the full analysis by clicking the link below. And no matter your grade, remember: “That’s why they play the game.” Good luck!

View Report Card

Maybe that liked my later round picks of 2 running backs that were 1st round picks last year, Ray Rice and Trent Richardson. I valued some of the players that dropped off last year. There were 2 players I really wanted but wasn’t able to get though. Julio Jones and Matt Ryan. It’s probably better that I didn’t since they are home team players for me.

Here’s my lineup, wish me luck!

1.Adrian Peterson (Min – RB) – passed on a couple good backs. I expect AP to return to form.
2.Doug Martin (TB – RB) – If he stays healthy, he’s gold.
3.Jordy Nelson (GB – WR) – Needed a WR here and he was the best available based on last year.
4.Rob Gronkowski (NE – TE) – GRONK! Hope he doesn’t spend all year on the IR
5.Roddy White (Atl – WR) – Healthy once again.
6.Torrey Smith (Bal – WR) – Streaky Streaky
7.Terrance Williams (Dal – WR) – Breakout player right here!
8.Ray Rice (Bal – RB) – WTF. I know he’s suspended for 2 games but 8th round?
9.Trent Richardson (Ind – RB) – My boy. Maybe he gets it going again. 1st rounder last year, 9th this year.
10.Kansas City (KC – DEF) – Top 5 Defense.
11.Andy Dalton (Cin – QB) – It could be worse.
12.Russell Wilson (Sea – QB) – Not expecting him to do as well as previous year.
13.Patrick Willis (SF – LB) – Individual Defensive Players? Why not.
14.Bobby Wagner (Sea – LB)
15.Buffalo (Buf – DEF) – Needed a back up D.
16.Greg Hardy (Car – DE)
17.Matt Bryant (Atl – K) – Another Falcon on the Tuscaloosa Falcons
18.Jason Pierre-Paul (NYG – DE)
19.Tyler Eifert (Cin – TE) – Expecting a big year from this dude.
20.Khiry Robinson (NO – RB) – NO plays RB by committee, so this might have been a bad pick.
21.Brandon LaFell (NE – WR) – Wait for it. You’ll see that this was the best pick in the draft by the end of the season.’

We start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, and 3 Flex. That’s why I drafted so many RBs.

That’s it for now folks. I will try to post updates for everyone to follow here!

Tuscaloosa Falcons #1 in the Vaping #FTW Flex FFL