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There Was a Vape Blast at Vape Blast

This past weekend, there was another big Vape event in San Antonio, Texas called Vape Blast. I am sure that attendees had a blast for most of Vape Blast, but for a short time, a blast turned the event into an example of why battery safety is important.

A couple of days ago, I saw a thread on Reddit that talked about one of the attendees having a battery vent, which turned into an actual blast. Their mod started venting in their pocket and they tried to take it apart but the damage prevented this so it was tossed on the floor in the middle of a crowd. It exploded with a blast that some described as a shock wave. A guest on Russ’ Click Bang show said it was louder than a gunshot. The thread on Reddit mentioned that Phil Busardo said he’d be posting about this incident and he just posted it today. Here’s a link to his video. The thread also linked a short video on Instagram. I decided to wait to make this post until more information was uncovered about the incident. Plenty of info is flowing in from people who were in attendance.

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Feel free to check out the accounts of the incident above.

Here’s what was left of the mod that exploded at Vape Blast. Photo Credit: Vapor Digest

Here’s what Patrick V Butson of Vapor Digest had to say.

Though the explosion occurred during a cloud competition, the mod that blew up was not owned by any of the competitors in the contest. It was owned by one of the observers and no one was able to definitively identify who it was.
I use to love watching the cloud competitions at vape gatherings, but things have been getting more and more out of hand lately.  I hope that this incident can be utilized as a rallying point for Mod Safety so nothing like this ever happens again.

According to Phil, the explosion wasn’t a battery venting. It was a battery exploding inside a mod, a pipe… essentially a pipe bomb. The person responsible for the mod didn’t own up to it and nobody is coming forward to tell who it was. Luckily for everyone there, nobody was seriously injured. When the mod exploded, it went straight up into the air 25 feet before meeting the actual ceiling above the tiles. Imagine if it had gone any other direction. Someone could have been seriously injured or even killed.

That said, let’s be careful vapers! Before you start modifying mech mods or super sub ohming, please educate yourself. 

I am not saying that this was the result of someone that doesn’t know what they are doing, but evidence and accounts say that it was a mod that had been altered. I personally won’t vape below .2 ohms despite being an electronics tech by trade. I understand battery safety, I understand ohms law, and I still don’t have any desire to push my devices to lower limits. No desire at all.