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Vanilla Almond Milk E-Liquid By Kilo Moo Series Review

Vanilla Almond Milk is a sweet creme flavored e-liquid specially designed for a rich and tasty vaping experience. This premium e-liquid like the name suggests is a blend of almonds, vanilla, and creamy milk flavors. This sophisticated e-juice is manufactured in the US by Kilo Moo Series (formerly known as Moo E-Liquids). The Southern California based e-liquid manufacturer made in roads into the vaping industry in 2015 with the release of their premium lines of milky based e-juice flavors. Not only does Vanilla Almond Milk have a nice smell, it also has an awesome taste. The flavors of the almond milk and vanilla complement each other well. No flavor overpowers the other; it’s a sweet balance. Vanilla Almond Milk e-liquid is all day vaping material.

When you inhale Vanilla Almond Milk, you will taste light hints of the vanilla flavor in this e-liquid. The taste is both smooth and mellow. The taste of the vanilla on the inhale also has a light sweetness to it. However, on the exhale, Vanilla Almond Milk is very creamy. While you exhale, the rich and milky flavor of Vanilla Almond Milk fills the taste buds. And when you think the taste couldn’t get any better, a rush of nutty almond flavor fills your mouth at the end of the exhale. Vanilla Almond Milk has a very creamy and sweet after taste. The overall taste of this e-juice is both bold and subtle.

Kilo Moo Series Vanilla Almond Milk e-liquid contains both vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) at a ratio of 70/30 percent. As with other e-liquids with very high VG content, Vanilla Almond Milk is thick. You can smell the richness of this e-juice even when you take a whiff of it. This high-quality e-juice would be ideal for use on a rebuildable atomizer (RDA). Vanilla Almond Milk also works well with a sub-ohm tank.

Vanilla Almond Milk creates delightful fluffy clouds. Vapers who are into thick and sweet scenting clouds would be pleased with Vanilla Almond Milk. Kilo Moo Series Vanilla Almond Milk e-liquid also produces a very subtle and smooth throat hit that feels just like the taste of this e-liquid. When you vape Vanilla Almond Milk, you can rest assured that there will be no throat irritation of any kind. However, vapers used to consuming large amounts of nicotine may be disappointed at Vanilla Almond Milk’s relatively small nicotine level. This premium e-juice has a max nicotine level of 6mg. The other nicotine strength levels include 0mg and 3mg.

Vanilla Almond Milk comes in a very catchy bottle. This Kilo Moo Series e-liquid comes in a clear glass bottle. These bottles come in both 30 and 60 ml sizes. Vanilla Almond Milk also comes with a white child proof dropper lid. The dropper on this e-juice is made to have black spots which would make it look a cow. The design of the dropper is in line with Kilo Moo Series’s focus on creating premium e-liquids with a base of rich milky flavors.

There has been a trend of milky flavored e-liquids. And Kilo Moo Series is one of the few e-liquid manufacturers leading the trend with innovative milky e-juice blends. The high-quality of the ingredients they used in the process of manufacturing their e-liquids has made them standout from other brands.

Vanilla Almond Milk by Kilo Moo Series is arguably one of the best dessert and milk-based e-liquid currently on the market. You can buy this premium e-liquid at Vapefu.com for $24.97.