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Vamo V6 (E-Holly) Coming Soon

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I just received details from my friend Todd at Zooks Vapor about the new Vamo V6. The Vamo was the first vv/vw of it’s caliber at the time to jump on the scene at a cheap price. In the promotional info that Todd received, it referred to the device as the E-Holly and also as the Vamo V6. 

It appears that Kangside is launching a 20w and 35w variety of this device. With the 50w and 100w boxes popping up everywhere, I don’t know if this will go over well, unless you just want the Vamo name. The E-Holly name is keeping with the horrible naming theme as their 26650 offering recently, the E-Huge.

Vamo V6 e-holly with Yihi Sx200 Sx350 chip



Here are the specs from interpretation of the email:

  • 20w and 35w models with the SX200 and SX350 chips.
  • Variable Wattage between 7w and 20w or 7w and 35w depending on the model.
  • Minimum resistance states it will go down to .5 ohms and doesn’t indicate the upper limit, but we can assume it’s 3 ohms.
  • The chip has short protection, reverse battery protection, and high temperature protection.
  • The display monitors voltage, resistance, battery power percent, and power.
  • Works with 18350 or 18650 tubes. It doesn’t indicate if they both come with the unit

Based on the pricing, we can expect this to sell at a low end of $79.99 up to $109.99, but Todd believes it will be around $99 at retail. These should be available for order in 3 weeks.



Here are the specs for the 20w version according to KSD’s Alibaba page:

Description about vamo v6

  • Variable Wattage( 7~20W)
  • Lowest Resistance:0.5Ω
  • With single 18650 or 18350 battery
  • Display wattage, voltage, resistance and battery strength or puffs time.
  • When the device too hot, the screen will display Too hot, shut off output automatically.
  • Low battery voltage(<3.2V)warning, to protect the battery efficiency.
  • With output short protection and low resistance protection, make the device with high efficiency.
  • Can test the atomizer real resistance, with tolerance +-0.1Ω.

I don’t see any reference to the 35w model online right now either.

v6_4 v6_5


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  1. rik October 22, 2014 at 4:38 pm - 

    bought a 35w e holly, DOA! Seems the hi-heat plastic, inside near the fire button, is deformed. All batteries freshly charged up, show 0, I tried everything reasonable – its a no go , but i have hope they will replace it. (took over 2 months to get it!)
    Otherwise looks good. I like the display, machining quality, and fit up. All aluminum, no etching anywhere, others I have seen (unreleased as yet) show that the 20 & 35 w models have it outside.

    for what its worth.

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