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USB-Powered Marlboros? No Thanks!


The Wall Street Journal posted an article about Phillip Morris Internationals new idea. This product is similar to an e-cigarette, but different in the fact that it doesn’t use e-liquid. It uses real tobacco. This product uses a tube that heats the tobacco up and turns the nicotine into vapor, but the temperature isn’t enough to burn the actual tobacco.

I am not a fan of Big Tobacco getting into the e-cig market and I don’t support them at all, but it’s inevitable. They are going to be a part of the game. I don’t blame them for evolving since their industry is dying out as more and more people quit smoking combustible cigarettes, no matter how they quit.

At any rate, this idea seems like a good idea, but why invent the wheel?

This information was gathered at Phillip Morris International’s recent investor meeting. They shared their plans in the industry to investors and provided lots of data in a presentation, along with a timeline for launching certain products.

In the article, there is a one paragraph that bothers me:

There are obvious benefits for tobacco companies to keep actual tobacco as a central part of their industry, even if users transition to a new generation of electronic products. But the companies also say using tobacco means more smokers will switch; while electronic cigarettes have become a popular novelty and gained some traction among users, the majority of smokers who try them go back to using conventional cigarettes. One reason, Philip Morris has said, is the current electronic products don’t replicate the smoking experience closely enough to satisfy most nicotine addicts.

Electronic cigarettes have become a popular novelty? Is that what Phillip Morris is telling their investors? That seems like quite the stretch there. Novelties. Wow.

This nicotine addict is satisfied with his e-cigarette. I can only assume that they are talking about people who try the cig-a-likes. If I had to vape them, I’d probably return to cigs too.


I’d be willing to bet that they will provide a battery and charger and charge a similar price for refills like the current cig-a-like companies like Njoy, Blu, and others do with their products. No thanks, I will stick to what I am using… for as long as I can.

According to the Wall Street Journal Article, these images were said to be “reference images” only.