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Top 3 HHC Gummies You Can Purchase at Superstrain

Hexahydrocannabinol or HHC, is a cannabinoid known for its potent head-centered effects. The compound also doubles up as a therapeutic agent, aiding with pain, inflammation, and anxiety. One of the most effective ways of consuming HHC is via edibles. Edibles provide a convenient and discreet consumption method. At Superstrain, you can find a variety of HHC gummies from reputable brands, such as Tre House, Galaxy Treats, and Honeyroot. This review looks at the top 3 HHC gummies you can purchase from Superstrain. 

Why are HHC gummies so popular?

Although there are multiple ways to consume cannabis, gummies are the most common method. This is because gummies are inconspicuous, easy to dose, and come in a variety of shapes, colors, and flavors. As edibles, gummies have a delayed onset, but the effects last longer than vaping or smoking. Due to the versatility of gummies in terms of flavors, the products are best suited for consumers who don’t like the raw taste of cannabis. Taking gummies is a straightforward process, making them an excellent choice for novice consumers. 

Tre House HHC Gummies

Tre House is a cannabinoid-centered brand specializing in creating top-tier products. The Tre House HHC gummies represent the dedication this brand has toward producing cannabinoid products that provide a long-lasting buzz. These gummies are extremely potent, with each gummy carrying 25mg of HHC. Each bottle contains 20 gumming, making a total of 500mg. 

Tre House gummies are vegan, gluten-free, and free from artificial flavors and preservatives. These strawberry-flavored gummies provide an unforgettable trippy experience that is guaranteed to keep you coming back for more. The recommended dosage is one gummy per serving. You can increase the dosage until you attain the preferred effects. Tre House gummies are available at the  Superstrain online store for $18.99.

Galaxy Treats Moon Babies HHC Gummies

These gummies are a favorite among consumers who enjoy a potent punch packed in a burst of flavors. The Galaxy Treats moon babies HHC gummies come in a 300mg bottle. There are 20 gummies, each carrying 15mg of HHC. You get to choose between two mouthwatering flavors: Galaxy Purple and Pluto’s Punch. Each of these is guaranteed to awaken every inch of your taste buds as they transport you to another galaxy. The Galaxy Treats moon babies HHC gummies provide an energizing, potent cerebral buzz. The recommended dosage is 2 to 3 gummies per serving. Novice consumers are advised to start with one and then up the dosage until they find their sweet spot.

Honeyroot live resin HHC Gummies

Honeyroot has gone a step beyond to provide you with live resin cannabinoids. These HHC gummies are formulated using HHC and HHC-O for the perfect blend of effects and benefits. The gummies provide a potent euphoric high guaranteed to alter your moods and mental state positively. Each gummy contains 10mg HHC and 10mg HHC-O totaling 20mg of cannabinoids. With 25 gummies inside the bottle contains 500mg of cannabinoids. The recommended serving is 2 to 3 gummies per serving.

Where to purchase premium HHC gummies 

You can purchase premium HHC gummies from the Superstrain website. The store stocks a wide collection of cannabinoid-based products at affordable prices. Visit the site and enjoy multiple deals, including free shipping for orders above $100.