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Time for a New Vape Box!

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My bag (below) that I used to use for Pocket PC and Smartphones over the last 10-12 years is not filling the bill anymore so I decided to take the next step… Instead of a bag, a box!


I found an old box that used to house test equipment. The box is about 12″ x 7″ x 2″. I gutted the old molded foam since it wasn’t going to work with layout needs. For the meantime, I glued some hard pink foam from shipping boxes together and cut out a crude idea of how I want to store items in this box.


This would probably do the trick, but I am not satisified with “good enough”, I want it perfect so I decided to give My Case Builder a try and I love their name! I measured everything a created a custom size foam and used the handy toon on their website to design the insert.


The layout is similar to my rough layout. I have cutouts for my Stingray clone, my VV, and my MVP (with a Kayfun tank). I added  17 holes for small tanks like the Aspire BDC, 2 holes for my Kayfun tanks, 4 holes for my Kangertech Unibody tanks, and 6 holes for standard e-Juice bottles.

I should receive the insert, which only cost $24-25, in about a week. I will let you all know when it comes in!

UPDATE: The insert is in and a new post has been published. (Link)

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I am a long time smoker that has gone Vapor! After smoking for 27 years, I put them down and haven't taken a single puff since switching to electronic cigarettes. I am saving money! My health is improving! Everything is getting better... and oh BTW, Ecigs taste so much better than cigarettes!

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