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Throne Liquids The Mad Queen Vape Juice Review

Smoking a hookah is a favorite pastime in Indian culture, but the world being a small place, you will find hookah cafes in most countries. There are many people enjoy the thrill of hookah smoking.

Many hookah smokers want to enjoy the hookah anywhere and any moment, however, the hookah or shisha is not portable. Throne Liquids offers people what they have been dreaming of for a long time; the thrill of hookah smoking on the go. The company manufactures hookah vape juices.

Hookah lovers now can vape their favorite hookah flavors. One of the best hookah or shisha vape juice made by Throne Liquids is The Mad Queen. The vape juice is highly appreciated by vapers, not just hookah lovers.

The Mad Queen brings the fantastic new taste of double apple to vapers. The flavor reminds of the taste obtained from hookah smoking, only without the charcoal aftertaste.

A Fantastic Flavor

The Mad Queen has the nice flavor of red and green apples combined. The double apple flavor gives a sweet and tantalizing sour taste to the senses. The delicious flavor is layered with hints of aloe vera. For vapers who like new tastes, The Mad Queen is among the vape juices to try 2018. You will delight in the flavor. There is a  nice applewood aroma that  gives the feeling of tasting apples in the middle of an apple plantation .

VG/PG Level

The vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of The Mad Queen IS 70/30. Throne Liquids chose this ratio as it produces vapors similar to hookah smoking. It gives a real feeling of enjoying a hookah. There is abundant cloud production, and the 30% PG level captures all the flavor. The VG/PG ratio doesn’t present issues for vaping or dripping as it is a medium thickness level. The Mad Queen doesn’t gunk coils or wicks.

Nicotine Level

You have a choice between 0 mg and 3 mg. These nicotine levels are quite mild. Vapers seeking a mild throat hit choose 3 mg while those who prefer the joy of shisha vaping without any throat hit choose 0 mg. You will find that regardless of the level of nicotine chosen, you will appreciate the joy of shisha vaping. You will obtain a mild throat hit that feels really smooth and cool as you vape.


The Mad Queen box is black with line patterns that mystify the content. The trademark of the company is both on the box and bottle, the bottle line patterns are of green color. The Mad Queen comes in bottles of 50 ml or 60 ml.


If you’ve been going to shisha cafes, it can amount to lots of money on a weekly basis. With The Mad Queen shisha vape juice, you make some tremendous savings. A single 60 ml bottle for $13.99 USD can last an entire month! You have the pleasure of enjoying the hookah on an e-cig anytime, and from anywhere.

If you’re a wholesaler and purchase more than 100 bottles, wholesale prices apply which can offer you some tremendous savings and allow your business to grow. You can also obtain loyalty points to redeem on your next purchase. This is one of the best e-juice deals to grasp.


Throne Liquids is one of the world’s best shisha ejuice manufacturers. The Mad Queen is part of its new bundle-release known as ‘The Royal Bundle’ which include The Mad Queen, The Lady, and The Mother. Each has a very distinct shisha-like flavor appreciated by vapers. The Mad Queen stands out for its double-apple flavor.

Throne Liquids is a Malaysian company. It uses only natural ingredients, the latest technologies and brewing methods. The company produces shisha vape juices and offers shisha lovers and vapers the pleasure of enjoying shisha-like flavors.

For those wanting to appreciate the pleasure of a hookah without the inconvenience of having to seek a shisha cafe each time, Throne Liquids offers different shisha vape juice allowing you to vape in all freedom anywhere and anytime. The Mad Queen is a new twist on the flavor of apple. Vapers who like fruit-flavored e-liquids will like the taste, and shisha lovers will find the pleasure of a hookah by vaping Throne Liquids The Mad Queen.