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Taste Test – DB Liquids

Hello! Welcome to the 1st in what I want to do 1-2 times a month here on myVaporSite. Taste Tests! I am adding this to my blog rather than the review section. I am not prepared to start doing e-juice reviews really. I just want to share my opinions on the flavors I try. I know, that is what a review is, but I am not prepared to call them reviews yet.

The 1st in this series is a company called DB Liquids.

I’ve tried a couple of their flavors already and decided to try a sampler.


I ordered all of the samples in 3 mg so I could drip them, but I decided to clean out some Aspire tanks. I cleaned them up, replaced the coils, and labeled the sample bottles with the number I have on the tanks.


I have them all filled up, labeled and ready to taste test.

Like I said, I have already tried a couple of flavors. I tried Mango Dragon Madness, which I absolutely love. I have vaped on it for 2 days now. The other flavors I have tried was Big Teabacco, which I didn’t like too much and finally Strog, which I do like. I like Strog enough where I loaded up a ProTank 3 to put it in my rotation.

What did I get this time?

[list icon=”moon-lab” color=”#2da5da”]Strog –  This flavor is a nice, smooth strawberry grog with hints of cream and some slight, supporting floral notes.[/list]

[list icon=”moon-lab” color=”#2da5da”]Draco – A light blend of dragon and star fruits. [/list]

[list icon=”moon-lab” color=”#2da5da”]Khangs Strawberry Lemonade – Fresh strawberry balanced with a tart lemonade and slightly chilled. Sure to remind anyone of summer.[/list]

[list icon=”moon-lab” color=”#2da5da”]AboMINTation – A cold, minty blast to the mouth guaranteed to freeze.[/list]

[list icon=”moon-lab” color=”#2da5da”]Strawberry Dragonfruit[/list]

[list icon=”moon-lab” color=”#2da5da”]Vanilla Caramel – This sweet blend of vanilla and caramel makes a perfect dessert vape.[/list]


The Taste Test!

Let’s start off with Strog. I had already tasted this one and knew that it was going into my rotation! Strog is a … well a creamy strawberry vape that is hard to describe. It’s very smooth and is similar to another juice I recently tried, Mother’s Milk from Suicide Bunny. Strog has been in my daily rotation since I received it a week ago. I loaded up a tank a few days ago with 2/3 Strog and 1/3 The Void from Bomb Sauce (Strawberry) and WOW! By itself, a great vape though. I highly recommend this flavor to anyone that enjoys a good creamy flavor. I chose the 3mg variety to drip but I am completely satisfied with it in a ProTank 3 on my MVP 2. I understand that it only comes in max VG and that’s what I got.

The rest of the flavors from DB Liquids that I tried are 3 mg with 50/50 mixes. I got 6ml sample bottles of these flavors to try.

Up next is Draco, a light blend of dragon and star fruits. Even though Strog is the killer in DB Liquid’s lineup, Draco is my favorite from DB Liquids. It’s my 2nd favorite fruit flavor so far. I have never had dragon or star fruit but I have had Draco and it’s awesome. If you are a fruity vaper, this is a must try. If I wasn’t out of Draco, I’d probably lift my hands off this keyboard and take a pull right now.

Khangs Strawberry Lemonade is one of the few I tried from this company that I didn’t really enjoy.  The lemonade overpowered the strawberry. It’s pretty tart. I am not saying that it’s no good, I am saying it’s not one that I personally enjoy. The tart flavor of the lemonade is strong. I love Lemonade and I love Strawberry, but I don’t love this vape.

AboMINTation! The description says, “A cold, minty blast to the mouth guaranteed to freeze”. They weren’t lying. It’s strong and powerful. It’s a very clean mint taste that I really enjoy. I was a menthol smoker for almost 20 years of the 27 years I smoked and I still enjoy menthol vapes. This one doesn’t really replace a menthol vape, but is a good substitute if I am out of my go to menthol juice. On a side note, my wife doesn’t want to use e-cigs but she will try a flavor here and there. She tried this and asked me to leave the Innokin iTaste VV I bought (and reclaimed) at home with this flavor loaded up. I ended up buying a 2nd VV for my backup. She’s not vaping it everyday, but she has burned 1/2 of an Aspire BDC so far.

If I were rating an Ebay seller, I would say that Strawberry Dragonfruit is A+++++ That’s about it. Wonderful fruit vape. I love it.

Vanilla Caramel is a nice flavor. It’s not as good as Strog though. I am not sure if it’s the caramel flavor, but it seems dry to me.

As you can see, I am a fan of strawberry e-juices. The Void from Bomb Sauce is one of my favorite vapes and when choosing the flavors I wanted to try from DB Liquids, there are a few strawberry flavors in there!

I paid for these samples, but I was gifted a couple other flavors before I bought these.

The other flavors I have tried are Mango Dragon Madness and Big Teabacco. I love Mango Dragon Madness and vaped the entire 15ml bottle in less than a week. I wasn’t a fan of Big Teabacco though. I just don’t like the tobacco taste I guess. Big Teabacco is a big seller for DB Liquids so there is no doubt that many do enjoy the flavor.

DB Liquids offers a ton of customization to their liquids. When you choose a flavor, you are presented with options of how much you want from a 15ml bottle all the way up to 120ml bottles. You can also get 6ml bottles in their sampler packs. Nicotine levels are available from 0mg to 36mg. I don’t feel like anyone would ever need 36mg, but the option is there. You can choose a ratio of 50VG/50PG, 70VG/30PG, or Max VG. Finally, you can request even more addons: Extra Flavor, Menthol, Cold, and Sweet. These come at a slight additional charge.

All in all, DB Liquids seems to have a good thing going. Fairly quick turn around time on orders, innovative flavors, and an owner that is totally invested in the vaping world. A true recipe for success.

To get yourself some DB Liquids e-juices, check out DB Liquids online.

Disclaimer: DB Liquids is a local company to me and I know the owner. In no way did this affect my opinions of these flavors. Being local, it only made me aware of this company and made getting my hands on the liquids easier.

Ratings of DB Liquids Explained:

Selection: Great selection of flavors available. They currently have 26 flavors to choose from.
Labeling: The labels have all the info you need, nicotine levels and something a lot of makers don’t add, the make up of the base.
Price: The prices are very low for the quality of the juices.
Shipping: DB Liquids makes each order as they come in so they don’t have bottles laying around waiting for an order.