How to Blow Smoke O’s / Smoke Rings

Learn how to blow smoke rings / vape rings / smoke O’s. What’s your favorite vape trick?

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vLog #8 – Review Backlog and other stuff

I talk about a huge backlog of reviews I have for – I literally have 40+ juice review I need to write and at least 20 hardware reviews. By the time all that is done, the items will be…

vLog #6 – Vape Store Tour Bham and Vape Mail

[spacer size=”15″] 1st off, I want to promise the readers of myVaporSite that I will produce some content other than vLogs soon. I have been quite busy and spending too much time watching and posting in the Vaping Underground…

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vLog #5 – CSPAN Chat & I Say the F Word

In this vLog, I talk about how the CSPAN chat last night pissed me off. I LOVE FLAVORS. Stop whining about flavors! #Adultslikeflavorstoo The Jenny McCarthy article I referenced is here. Congrats USA Soccer, good attempt. Tim Howard was in…

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vLog #4 – Thanks Y’all and Contest Update

In this vLog, I talk about what’s on the horizon of Vape Mail and future review products. I mentioned the Like and Win contest. We are at 293 likes, 207 to go!

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vLog #2 – What am I vaping with?

In this vLog I show off all the gear I have gathered in 68 days and share my current favorite E-Liquids. You can also check out the About Us page to keep up with my gear!

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vLog #1 – My YouTube History

I am not a YouTube Pro, but I have been on YouTube since 2006. I was on there before there was money to be made, before most people could post videos longer that 10 minutes, and well… in its early…

My name is Chris, and #IMPROOF

Here’s my video for the #IMPROOF Movement. #IMPROOF isn’t just a message, it’s a movement. A movement that isn’t about one person in particular, it’s about everyone. Many of us, for whatever reason, have made the decision to enhance our…

My Gear Bag Volume 1

This is the 1st in a series of posts/videos where I will share/show off my gear bag! Currently I have the following: Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 Innokin iTaste VV 3.0 The Stingray Mechanical Mod Clone I have a ton of…

Welcome to myVaporSite [Video]

Welcome to! This video basically shares with the YouTube audience what is planned for this site! I go over who I am and what I’ve done in the past. I have been doing YouTube videos since 2007 and had…