Every e-Juice Maker Should Follow This Lead

I was bouncing around online and found an almost perfect label for e-juice this morning.   I have never tried this company’s products and couldn’t find the juice online, maybe it’s coming soon per this tweet, but it looks like…

Good News! I have lost my Innokin iTaste VV

Yes, you read that right… I have lost my Innokin iTaste VV. I just used it in a taste test and took some photos of it too. Ok, ok… Here’s the deal, I lost it to my wife. She reclaimed it….

No Health Concerns in E-Cig Vapor!

One of the most common questions I’ve been asked recently about ecigs is about the safety of the vapor. Without the FDA’s approval, some people, my wife included, are concerned about the long term effects of ecig vapor. I can understand the…