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HEXOHM V2 – 1st Impressions

Check out my first impression of the HEXOHM V2 from! I’m in love with this device! The HexOhm V2 110 Watt OKL-T20 uses the OKL2-T/20-W12 Chip and supports voltage ranging from 3.3 volts to 6 volts, It is designed…


How to Wick Your Coil (4 methods – dual and single)

[spacer size=”15″] Learn how to wick your coils. Here are four methods I use when I wick my single and dual coils with organic cotton.


5 Things I Did Not Expect When I Quit Smoking

5 Things I Didn’t Expect When I Quit Smoking! Was there anything that surprised you when you switched from smoking to vaping?


PG vs VG: Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin

What’s in ejuice? Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. What are the benefits? What are the side effects? What’s your favorite PG/VG blend?


Vaping Tips – Clean Your Gunky Coils

Here’s a quick tip on how to clean your gunky coils on your rebuildables. I took a look at my coil and realized it need a quick dry burn and cotton change. I wanted to film it and show you…


Vaping for Beginners – Before You Vape

Vaping for Your First Time? Here are some of the tips you should consider BEFORE you buy your first set up. I know this information may be obvious to some, but with so much information out there it’s hard to…

Dual Coil Build (0.40 Subohm) on IGO-W RDA

Let’s build a dual microcoil on our IGO-W. This dual coil comes to 0.40ohm exactly. 6 wraps of 26 gauge kanthal. See below for ohm calculations and battery amp limits. Calculate your current (input 4.2 for voltage and use ohm…