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Taffy King 4 Pack Bundle Review

Just as its name implies, Taffy King is really the leader when it comes to taffy-infused vape juices. No wonder why it has been making waves across the vaping community. Known for producing mouth-watering flavors, let’s find out if it really deserves its royal title. Taffy King has several flavors in its lineup, but today, we are going to review the Taffy King 4 Pack Bundle.

Apple Kiwi Taffy

“Taffy King Apple Kiwi is a deliciously refreshing mixed apple with kiwi infused with salt water taffy. Hands down, best Taffy brand on the market.”

It is impressive to note that Apple Kiwi really gives a blast of a fresh and crisp taste of diced apples and sliced kiwi with a twist of thick taffy notes to craft an irresistibly good vape juice. I particularly love the spot-on and fresh taste of these two fruit components. It feels as if they were just picked out from their trees and squeezed directly into this bottle.

Meanwhile, its taste is more complex than its smell. Once opened, your nostrils will enjoy more of the apple flavor. Honestly, I wouldn’t have probably known that there’s a kiwi in here until I vaped this. But this is a pretty nice e-juice with just the right amount of sweetness.

Cotton Candy Taffy

“Taffy King Cotton Candy is a delicious blue raspberry cotton candy infused with salt water taffy. Hands down, best Taffy brand on the market.”

This vape juice amazingly brings your favorite carnival treat to life. Cotton Candy e-juice really tastes like cotton candy with a twist of a sweet, chewy piece of taffy. For a sweet lover like me, this e-liquid immediately captured my heart. On the inhale, your taste buds will enjoy a lightly tart and sugary taste, and the exhale is more of the cotton candy flavor.

The sweetness is not overly or overpowering at all. While this is sweet, this does not leave your mouth or throat feeling dry. So, kudos to the e-liquid makers for producing such a well-blended e-juice.

Strawberry Taffy

“Taffy King Strawberry is a delicious mix of multiple strawberries infused with salt water taffy. Hands down, best Taffy brand on the market.”

This vape liquid is an exquisite combination of freshly picked strawberries and sweet taffy. Just like its Apple Kiwi, the strawberry flavor on this blend tastes so fresh you might even mistake this for the real one with eyes closed. The inhale carries tantalizing notes of light and sweet strawberry. Then, the exhale is more on tart strawberry. Take note, the strawberry flavor is one of the most difficult flavors to capture in an e-juice, so having something this good is really a treasure. So if you love strawberries, the smell of this blend alone will knock you off of your feet.

Watermelon Taffy

“Taffy King Watermelon is a delicious mix of watermelon that is infused with salt water taffy. Hands down, best Taffy brand on the market.”

Similar to strawberries, the watermelon flavor can be quite a challenge to capture in vape form too. But Taffy King Watermelon Taffy captured the very real essence of watermelon infused with thick taffy components. On both the inhale and exhale, you will enjoy the smooth and taffy watermelon taste. The smell of candy-like watermelon filling in the air is so refreshing.

All these Taffy King vape juices are max vegetable glycerin flavors. Their vapor runs nice and smooth on the throat. It won’t give you any nose tingling sensations or fits of coughing. If their tastes are taffy, their clouds are fluffy! They will produce nice and huge clouds that do not disperse right away.

In conclusion, you can’t go wrong with this bundle. All its flavors are something worth a try. You can grab your own Taffy King bundle now at Ultimate Vape Deals for as low as $59.99 only. The pack includes four 120-mL bottles of the flavors I reviewed earlier.

Make your taste buds feel like a royal with this lineup. Taffy King is an American e-liquid maker known for its gourmet vape juices. The company, which recently won the Best of ECC Ontario 2017, is taking taffy inspired e-liquids to a whole new awesome level.