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TAAT Zero Tobacco ‘Beyond Nicotine’ Formula Overview

With the increasing awareness of health hazards associated with tobacco smoking, the majority of the world’s smokers are now on the lookout for replacement products, with different options ranging from gums, patches, and lozenges, to more market-favored vapes. However, if you actually have tried switching out or quitting tobacco cigarettes altogether, you probably know what the manufacturers of TAAT ‘Beyond Nicotine’ cigarettes have figured out: smoking lifestyle transition goes beyond just getting other options, it’s about finding what works best for your pleasure, while still looking out for your health and wellbeing.  

Traditional tobacco smokers have increasingly indicated that for them, their smoking rituals and experiences are just as important as the actual composition of their smoke, factors which altogether are the bedrock of their smoking lifestyles. Take the sensations that come with regular smoking away, and most of those alternatives, such as vapes, simply do not cut it. 

What’s TAATs manufacturers’ grand plan for smokers then?

The manufacturers of TAAT understand this dissatisfaction, and so went on to create TAATs, which are cigarettes that contain zero nicotine and zero tobacco, yet are crafted to emulate the sensations of smoking a tobacco cigarette. TAAT cigarettes are not only bear rich tobacco flavor for taste and smell satisfaction, these cigarettes give you the physical sensations of inhaling and exhaling smoke, the very similar crackling sound of regular cigarettes when burning, as well as flicking ashes, thus providing smokers the choice to reduce nicotine intake without losing any bit of the smoking experience they so love— feel, touch, smell, and taste intact. The company targets to offer today’s smokers something to smoke that isn’t addictive and retains all the sensual pleasure you appreciate.

TAATs are made from a proprietary blend of Cannabidiol-infused hemp (with THC under the 0.2% legal limit) called Beyond Tobacco, combined with other plant materials that mimic the flavor of tobacco cigarettes, having been processed to taste, smell and express the properties of tobacco, rather than hemp itself.  That way, you get all the taste and feeling of having tobacco smoke, when in fact, it isn’t tobacco at all.  The idea remains to reduce nicotine dependence by encouraging the use of tobacco smoke alternatives, with little or no adjustment to the experiences regular smokers would enjoy while smoking. 

When it comes to fulfilling its mandate of sensory satisfaction, TAAT has it locked and loaded, right down to product packaging and imagery. The cigarette sticks come in a box size just like that of regular cigarettes, with the conventional flip-top lid all smokers are accustomed to. The packs also have the TAAT brand name and logo and other details such as flavor type, printed on them as would be found on any cigarette box, and each pack contains 20 sticks that look just like regular cigarettes. 

Flavor Choice? Try the TAAT Menthol Pack!

Alongside other flavor variations such as the TAAT Original with its bold, strong flavor, and TAAT Smooth for those who prefer going for a light or velvety flavor choice, the TAAT Menthol Pack boasts a fresh minty flavor that comes highly recommended for menthol lovers. You can think of it like your very own Marlboro menthol tobacco free cigarettes, if you’re a fan of brand flavors like Marlboro Menthol and Newport because TAAT Menthol offers the same rich, minty taste, still with zero nicotine and zero tobacco. 

Product Availability and Price

You can purchase a pack of TAAT Menthol cigarettes for $6.99 on https://trytaat.com or even go for a free pack offer available to first-time users, on https://trytaat.com by following three simple steps:

  • Choose your preferred TAAT flavor
  • Proceed to check-out
  • Enter the promo code: “FREEPACK”