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Suicide Bunny – Mother’s Milk E-Liquid Review


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E-Liquid Company: Suicide Bunny

E-Liquid Flavor: Mother’s Milk

Available Options: 30ml size. 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg. There are no PG/VG Ratio options available. The ratio is not indicated on the bottle so I will assume it’s 50/50.

Reviewed Option: I have had 3 different 30ml bottles, all at 12mg.

Price: $22 for a 30ml bottle. I paid the same price from 3 different vendors, local and online.

Where did I get mine? I purchased a bottle from each of these vendors: Bama Vapors, Vulcan Vape, and Skyline Vapors.

Where can you get yours? Skyline Vapor


A bunch of hype. Is it worthy of it?

There is no denying that Suicide Bunny’s Mother’s Milk comes with a TON OF HYPE. I mean a ton. In my short time in the vaping community, it seems to be one of the most talked about single flavors… period.

I ordered a couple of bottles from Skyline Vapors because it’s not available at my local B&M. I had a friend that really wanted a bottle and he didn’t have a credit card, so I order him a bottle and decided to get myself one. I am not a fan of flocking to a product based on hype, but I was curious to see what the hype was all about so I pulled the trigger. So, $44 dollars later, it showed up and to be completely honest, I wasn’t blown away. My bottle ended up sitting in my cabinet for a few weeks before I tried it again. I am glad I gave it another chance, because it was better the 2nd time around.

It’s not my favorite, but it’s made it into my rotation lately.


The taste was quite consistent every way I tried it. I’ve vaped Mother’s Milk in a ProTank 3 on an MVP 2.0. I’ve vaped it in a Nautilus as well, but most of the time, I have used it in a Kayfun with a 1Ω coil at 14-17 watts. The taste was consistent across all of these configurations.

The taste is a smooth creamy custard flavor with a hint of strawberry. Others I have talked to say the strawberry is real strong, but I am not getting that. I am getting a slight strawberry and a strong, almost vanilla ice-cream taste. I have been able to vape Mother’s Milk all day without losing the flavor sensation. It’s a good all day vape for sure.

Flavor Accuracy

How is Mother’s Milk described?

Suicide Bunny Mother’s Milk is a deliciously rich and creamy dessert flavor with a light strawberry exhale

Pretty spot on description. I don’t get the strawberry on exhale much, but I get it more so on the inhale. I get strong vanilla and light strawberry at the same time.

Throat Hit

At 12mg, there isn’t much throat hit at all. It vaped quite smooth in every configuration I tried it in.

Bottle and Label

It comes in a 30ml glass bottle with a trendy label. To some, this is awesome, to me… not so much. First of all, I don’t like glass bottles. If the volume is larger, glass works for me, but on 30ml or less, I’d rather have a plastic bottle. The cap is a black screw on cap and does not come with a dropper. I ended up wasting most of my 1st bottle because of this. I had a dropper cap screwed onto the bottle and I didn’t realize it didn’t actually fit properly and I dumped 3/4 of a bottle on the floor. It felt like it was screwed down securely, but it wasn’t. I can’t explain it, but the dropper cap wasn’t a good match. Now I just transfer it to a needle tip 10ml bottle. I’ve heard that the maker of Suicide Bunny E-liquids plans to change to a dripper style cap soon.

The label does not provide much information either. With all the FDA regulations looming, this will become an issue. I would really like to see the pg/vg ratio on the bottle. As it stands now, there is a cute logo, the strength, and warning.


The price is that of a “Premium E-Liquid”. What does that mean? Big Price. The fact it costs at least $22 for a 30 ml bottle everywhere I’ve checked tells me that the maker has an agreement in place to sell at a set price. I am not 100% sure about that, but I’d be willing to bet on it.

I personally think that $22 for a 30ml bottle is too expensive, but this is a good juice and people WILL PAY for it so why not. Well, I have purchased 3 bottles for myself at that price. I don’t know that I buy many more though. There are similar juices with similar flavor profiles that are much cheaper to obtain out there.


The hype is a little over hyped, but it’s not a bad juice at all. It’s above average, but not OMG MUST HAVE in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very nice juice but the price slows my enthusiasm a bit.

Mother’s Milk is a very thick e-liquid and if your setup can handle that and you like creamy custards, it’s a good all day vape. If I had an unlimited supply, it would be in my regular rotation of 7-10 juices. I know I am on the fence on Mother’s Milk and that’s for good reason. The price vs. taste is what is making it hard for me.

Bottom Line. It’s a good e-liquid but its not all it’s hyped up to be.

[note color=”#eeee22″]Everyone has different tastes, these are my own opinions. Not everyone is going to taste a flavor the same.[/note]


  1. All of ‘Pip the Bunny’s stuff is high in VG, like 75% or more. I won all five in the SB line and had pretty much the same reaction. After letting them all steep for a couple of weeks, they are a lot more, um, vapable. Mother’s Milk is by far the best, to me. I am very thankful that I won them, but the only one I would purchase is Mother’s Milk. Thanks Chris.

  2. No problem Steve. Thanks for the input. There are so many choices out there and to be honest, I think Mother’s Milk is more of a cult following. Pretty Bottles and a lot of word of mouth. Like I said in the review, it’s good… but not OMG good.

  3. Its one of those e-liquids that you have to try at least once. I was expecting great things from it considering all of the hype but for £17.50 for 30ml I can get better juice for cheaper.