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The Staff of Agamemnon


I win right? I found The Staff of Agamemnon!

My friend over a DB Liquids has quite the Staff for sale! They have the The Staff of Agamemnon in stock. It’s a Dual 26650 50W Tube Mod. I got a chance to check it out earlier today and all I can say is, “IT IS FREAKING HUGE”. Don’t buy it because it looks cool. Don’t buy one because it uses dual 26650 batteries. BUY IT BECAUSE IT’S RIDICULOUSLY BIG. It weighs over 2 pounds without a battery. Definitely something to add to a collector’s stash.

What was he even thinking when he made this? Honestly – I don’t even know.

This beast of a tube weighs approximately 2.07lbs without the batteries in it, and it’s so large you could use it to prop open doors (I don’t know why you would want to do that).

The Staff of Agamemnon is a dual 26650 brass OKRT-10 tube mod that goes 3-6v at 10A/50W. Each unit is serialized by the manufacturer.

Check out this thing alongside my Precise Simplicity 26650 mod.


And here are a couple static comparison shots.

staff_withHanaClone staff_withPreciseSimplicity staff_withSioux18650

The Hana Modz Clone (left), the Precise Simplicity 26650 Mod (center), and the Sioux Mod 18650 (left)

DB Liquids has these for sale for $205 on their website. They come with a serial number and rock the OKRT-10 chip. It operates between 3-6 volts at 10 amps all the way up to 50 watts.

It’s pretty massive! 

Here are some more photos (not mine) as well.

donger 1 IMG_0599