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How to Spot a Fake Sony VTC5 Battery

If you’ve read my posts about fake products in the past, you’d know that I really hate seeing fake products making it out there.

Battery Safety is nothing to risk on a couple of dollars saved. Seriously, buy real batteries from a reputable seller. Don’t risk it.

Sun Vapors has posted a nice side by side comparison to help you determine if your Sony VTC5 is real or fake. There was an eBay seller passing these fakes off as the real thing and Sun Vapors got their hands on a couple to compare and test.


I think the most obvious is the nasty seem. I would think almost everything would be overlooked by the average user but this seem is a dead giveaway since NO other battery maker has this issue it really catches the attention of the user.


The negative post will be raised on the fake. This is usually the sign of a China made battery. MNKE, Efest and other China brands I come across usually have this raised negative.

There are more photos over at Sun Vapors, head over and check it out. Thanks for the great comparison guys.