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Special Limited Edition Titanium ProVari – Yep, Another 2.5 Variation

When I got into vaping, I wanted a ProVari. I did. Then I started to find that there are a lot of really cool devices out there. The ProVari was and still is a great, well-built vaporizer, but they are expensive and I decided to wait for them to come out with something new. Over the next couple of months, I read about something new coming but all I saw getting released were 2.5 variations, one after another. Finally, we got info about a new ProVari. While I was super excited initially, I am less excited today. ¬†I was able to get a little hands on last month and I’ve decided not to drop $200+ of my hard-earned money on something that just isn’t that innovative. I am quite sure that ProVape will sell the hell out of them, but they aren’t getting my money.

Even though I have unsubcribed from ProVape’s newsletter, they keep coming in. I got another one yesterday. You would think that it would be something about the ProVari 3, but no… it was an announcement for another 2.5 variation. I guess they have to get rid of all the old chips somehow.


That’s right, for $269.95 you can buy a Titanium ProVari 2.5 from ProVape. This special edition ProVari¬†features a custom TI logo on the tube and end cap. If you are a collector of these vaporizers, this lightweight version will look awesome next to your glow in the dark or Dragon ProVari 2.5 models I am sure.


The Titanium ProVari 2.5 is made of top grade Titanium. This ultralight ProVari 2.5 also features the new flat top cap design. You will be amazed at how strong and lightweight this device is!

We only made a limited quantity and when they are sold out, they are gone. Due to the complexity of machining these parts, we were only able to make a small batch.

Get a rare Titanium ProVari while they last.

If you are interested, check it out on their website but If you are, you probably don’t need my website to let you know it’s out there, you probably got the email yesterday too.