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Space Jam – Pluto E-Liquid Review


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E-Liquid Company: Space Jam

E-Liquid Flavor: Pluto

Available Options: 15ml or 30ml sizes. 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg strengths. There are no PG/VG Ratio options available. The ratio is not indicated on the bottle so I will assume it’s 50/50.

Reviewed Option: I have vaped a 15ml bottle at 18mg and a bottle at 12mg.

Price: $11.99 for $15ml and $21.99 for 30ml average. 

Where did I get mine? I purchased a couple of bottles from my local B&M.

Where can you get yours? Online or your local B&M. Space Jam is only sold through vendors. They do not direct sell. (Bama Vapor)


Space Jam! Is Pluto out of this World?

I have tried a couple of Space Jam’s eliquids and while they are all average in my opinion, Pluto stands out as a the leader. Every watermelon eliquid lover that I have talked with agrees that Pluto is one of the best watermelon vapes out there. I will admit that I have only tried a handful of watermelon flavors, but Pluto outshines all of them.


Pluto is a watermelon bubble gum vape. It tastes more like a bubble gum, candy flavor of watermelon much more than the authentic taste of real watermelon. That’s not a bad thing though, I love it this way. Pluto reminds me of  Bubbalicous Watermelon bubble gum that I used to love as a kid. It’s a spot on “clone” of this wonderful gum.

I found that Pluto’s flavor can really shine at higher wattage. I tried it in a ProTank 3, Nautilus, and a Kayfun at 1 ohm. The flavor was pretty much the same across all 3 tanks, but the density of the flavor ramped up was wattage went up. It handles higher wattage well and I never got to the point where it tasted burnt.

Pluto is supposed to have a hint of mint, but i am not tasting it at all.

Flavor Accuracy

How does Space Jam describe Pluto?

Pluto is a Watermelon Bubblegum with just a hint of Mint, giving a slight cooling effect on the exhale.

Short and to the point but pretty spot on, minus the mint. I don’t know if all my years of smoking menthol has made me immune to mints, but I don’t get mint at all. Just straight up watermelon bubble gum.

Throat Hit

At 12mg, the throat hit is still there. It’s actually pretty smooth but you can get the hit if you want it. With a 1.6ohm Nautilus coil at around 7 watts, there was almost no throat hit. When I filled up a Kayfun with a 1 ohm coil at around 15 watts, the throat hit and flavor bot cranked up.

Bottle and Label

The bottle and label are right up my alley. I prefer plastic over glass and Space Jam comes in bottles. The good news is that a dropper lid comes with the bottle. The label has all the information I want to see. It shows the ingredients, has the warnings, and shows the nicotine level. The label has the Space Jam logo right in the middle with the name of the flavor off to the right side.

The only complaints I have about the label is that there is no indication of what flavor profile Pluto is. You have to rely on the store you buy it from to have the Space Jam flavor profiles listed somewhere. Another small thing is the “Like us on Facebook” that is printed on the bottle. Other than a reminder perhaps, what does that do for the customer?


At approximately $12.00 for a 15ml bottle, it’s somewhat pricey. If you compare, $22 for a 30ml bottle is priced up there with premium eJuices. I really enjoy Pluto, but the cost has me second guessing future purchases.


Space Jam has a 6 flavor and they are all pretty good, but to me, Pluto is the only all day vape in the lot. It’s the only flavor that I repurchased. While I mentioned that the cost would have me second guessing future purchases, the taste might outweigh my financial concerns.

If cost isn’t of concern, I highly recommend Pluto to anyone that loves watermelon candy or bubblegum. It’s spot on.

[note color=”#eeee22″]Everyone has different tastes, these are my own opinions. Not everyone is going to taste a flavor the same.[/note]