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Smok TF Sub Ohm Tank Review

The TF is a sexy sub-ohm tank from Smok. It originally came with the Morph 219 Kit. However, it is available as a standalone device. It comes with a massive e-juice capacity, a larger base, a lock button for the top cap, press-fit coils, improved airflow settings, and much more. Let’s take a closer look at this device.

Like other Smok tanks, the TF is made with stainless steel and pyrex glass. The dimensions of this tank are 56mm by 25mm (it is 30mm at its widest point). You can fit this tank on different standard mods without any overhang.

The Smok TF Sub Ohm Tank comes with a colorful 510 resin drip tip. You can fit any regular 510 drip tip on this tank. The TF has the usual Smok top-filling design, but it comes with a twist. Instead of simply pushing the top cap to the side, there is a button that you have to push before you can swivel the top cap. This button is an added safety feature that ensures you never accidentally pop it open. The juice port on the TF is quite wide.

The Smok TF can hold 6ml of e-juice. This means you can vape all day long without having to refill the tank. This makes the TF perfect for use when you are on a road trip or when you are out-and-about. The TF is not too heavy too; t weighs just 75g. Apart from the bubble glass that comes pre-installed with this tank, there is also a straight glass that you can use.

At the base of the Smok TF Sub Ohm Tank, you will find two wide adjustable airflow holes. The base of this tank is pretty huge. According to Smok, the design is not only for aesthetic purposes. It actually allows you to draw in more air at once, which translates to bigger clouds and bolder flavor.

The Smok TF tank comes with mesh coils, so you can expect a blast of rich flavor with every puff. The tank comes with two 0.25 ohm mesh coils. Both coils work remarkably well in terms of flavor intensity and massive clouds. The coils are press-fit, so they are easy to install. Turn the bottom cap counterclockwise to remove it. If you are trying to switch the coil in this tank, ensure that the tank is empty before you proceed. If there is any e-juice left in the tank, it will pour out through the drip tip when you take out the coil. It is easy to find replacement coils for the Smok TF tank at many vape stores. For the best price, head over to the Atomic Dog Vapor online store. A pack of three Smok BF replacement coils costs $10.49 at this store, while the Smok TF Tank is going for $23.99.

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