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Smok Novo Pod System Review

Smok is a renowned brand in the vaping industry. This company has continued to lead the path in terms of innovating top-quality vaping hardware. It is safe to say that we’re in the era of pod systems, and Smok is not being left out. This company has a vast array of pod systems in its collection; one of them is the Smok Novo Kit. There are two versions of the Smok Novo Kit; the first version and the second version. The only difference between the two is that the latter comes with a bigger battery capacity (800mAh) compared to the battery capacity of the original version (450mAh).

In this article, we’ll be looking at the original Smok Novo Pod System. Despite its comparatively smaller battery capacity (compared to the Smok Novo 2), this device delivers exceptional performance. It is quite portable and has an ergonomic design. The dimensions of the Smok Novo are 88.3mm by 24.3mm by 14.3mm. It is small enough to fit in your pocket. This is a travel-friendly device.

As indicated above, the Novo has a battery capacity of 450mAh and supports a wattage range of 10W to 16W. There are no buttons on this device, so you can’t change the wattage or any other settings. I guess the wattage varies according to the battery capacity. The Novo comes with a micro USB cable for charging it. You will find the micro USB port on the body of the device. There is an LED light on the device which serves as a battery life indicator. The LED flashes whenever you take a puff, and depending on the light it is showing, you’ll know the battery level. The LED shows a greenish-blue light when the battery level is between 100 percent and 70 percent, orange when the battery level is between 70 percent and 30 percent, and red when the battery level is around 30 percent or below.

The Smok Novo is one of those devices that is perfect for everyone, even people who have never vaped or used a vaping device before. There are no buttons on the device, and it is draw-activated. So, all you need to do is ensure the battery has some power, and your pod contains e-juice, and you’re good to go. The pod that comes with the Smok Novo can hold 2ml of e-juice. The kit comes with two pods. It is pretty easy to refill the pod. The pod comes with different coils, including a ceramic coil and a mesh coil. The duckbill-style mouthpiece is attached to the pod, so switching between pods is pretty easy. The pod is connected to the battery using magnets. It stays firmly in place and doesn’t rattle. If you are looking for replacement pods for the Smok Novo, Ejuice Deals is the best place to go. This store has a massive collection of Smok replacement coils. For the Smok Novo, you can choose between a pod with a 1.4 ohm ceramic coil, a 1.2 ohm coil, or a 1.5 ohm coil. The pod with the ceramic coil lasts longest compared to the other two. The pod with the 1.2 ohm coil can be used to vape either nicotine salts or freebase nicotine e-liquids, while the 1.5 ohm pod is perfect for nic salt e-liquids. These replacement pos come in a pack of three. You can get a pack of Smok Novo replacement coils at the Ejuice Deals store for only $13.99. The Novo starter kit is going for $29.99 at this store.