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Smoant Battlestar 200W Review!

Vape, “steam punk,” “scientific fantasy ” – related ideas & street culture are intricately entangled whereas a lot of vaping gears are featured with such typical elements. This interrelation is particularly apparent when such a small “tube” or “box” is giving out large clouds, strengthening the feature of “scientific fantasy.” In 2016, due to lack technical support, the mods will compete more regarding appearance & function. Therefore those new & considerate in functions, simple to operate & attractive to look at will take the lead.

Regarding appearance, two major trends: one is science & technology-related, the other is retro. When Smoant Battlestar was unveiled, quite an amount of “science” elements burst out. Also, Battlestar’s 200W output by dual 18650 batteries has also become the center of concern. Is it possible to achieve 200W power output by two 18650 cells? Is the output strong enough to what it is said to be? How about the machining?

 About The Mod

The Smoant Battlestar Mod is a high-performance zinc-alloy box mod with a wattage range of 1W to 200W, versatility, i.e., full temp. Control suite plus resistance ‘read & lock,’variable wattage, standard TCR, firmware upgradable, & a wicked coil resistance range.


The color I liked to choose was a bronze blue with a pure black battery cover. The battery cover itself is large, & wraps around the sides of the Battlestar making for an easy grip to release the 4-magnet cover, & a series of vent holes running down on both sides. (the bottom of the Battlestar also has a line of venting holes). Other shades are available, including:

  • White
  • Silver
  • Black
  • Copper
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Red
    Bronze Blue (my color)


  • 0.5-8.4V voltage range
  • 95% chip efficiency
  • 1-200W power range
  • No fire delay
  • Temperature range 200-600F (100-300C)
  • USB charging
  • Temperature support for Stainless Steel, Ni200, &
  • Three TCR memory slots for wire custom type input
  • Powered by pair 18650 batteries (sold separately)
  • Battery venting holes
  • voltage & overheating protections all built in
  • No atomizer, short circuit, low resistance, low battery
  • Titanium
  • Passthrough charging package vape while device is in charge
  • Fires check down to 0.1ohm & up to 5ohm in power mode
    OLED screen
  • Fires cover down to 0.05ohm & up to 1.3ohm in temp. Control Mode
  • Available in yellow, white, or black colors
  • Stainless Steel 510 threading with spring loaded connector
  • Magnetic battery cover
  • 43mm length
  • 34mm width
  • 136g weight (without batteries)
  • 83mm height

Smoant Battlestar Specs & Features & package content:


What’s in the Box?

  • Venturing inside the things we see are:
  • User manual & quick card.
  • QC certificate

Beneath these we see:

  • Sturdy feeling USB cable.
  • Battlestar mod
  • Strangely we also notice a small box including replacement magnets for the battery cover.

The mod comes in a carton box decorated in striking black & yellow, certainly eye-catching. The painting on the box is very stereoscopic. Words on the front briefly stated the most distinctive features tersely & concisely: Battlestar 200W is small, compact & ergonomic.

What’s interesting is that the Prompt Card is in Chinese & English, so is the user manual, this is certainly rare. Chinese complains a lot about how hard English language is, wondering whether English-speaking people endure the same idea towards Chinese.
It is noted on the rear end of the box that there are three colors for Battlestar 200W, mine is the typical“Yellow & Black” version.

The Usual Suspects

The Smoant Battlestar is powered by dual (25A+) 18650 batteries (not covered) that are simply inserted after releasing the battery cover. The four-magnet battery door provides a very secure ‘fix’ to the Battlestar body, yet by gripping the two sides & pulling back fairly, the door comes off without a glitch. Interestingly, inside the goodie case inside the Battlestar product box is an extra four magnets. I’ve been beating on my Battlestar for a month, & I’ve seen no movement or malfunction of the default magnets. Perhaps I will down the road. After all, why include extra magnets if Smoant doesn’t think you’ll need them at some point?

The large OLED display features a typical three-column horizontal arrangement, giving the user feedback for Ohms Resistance, the Output Voltage, the Output Wattage, the Output Temperature, & an Icon Battery Life Indicator (1 icon for both batteries). The display is larger than most, save for the Evolv DNA displays & the Joyetech/WISMEC super-large displays. The characters on display are bright, crisp, & sharp. I would put this display up against the Evolv DNA show anytime. Not that it would win any contest between them, but it’s just a good.

The Battlestar is fired by pressing the over-sized firing button. The adjustment bar under the display allows users to adjust the device quickly. Getting into the menu mode is a breeze.


The Mod is a 5-click on & off the device. Just for fun, once you have your Battlestar up and running, with an atomizer attached, shut it off with the 5-clicks and turn it back on. You’ll see a cute startup screen with the ant mascot and the Smoant name in script revealed character, by character.

⦁ It’s a nice touch.
⦁ Smoant Battlestar Menu System and Operation
⦁ five clicks of the power button turn the device on and off
Screwing an atomizer into the 510 connectors will prompt you to enter whether a new coil (by pressing plus) or the same coil (by pressing minus) has been entered.
⦁ three clicks of the power button will take you into the menu system.
⦁ Holding down fire, as well as plus and minus, will lock the power
⦁ Holding down fire and will invert the screen color
⦁ While in the menu system, pressing either the plus or minus button will scroll between VW (variable wattage)/Ni (Ni200 coil for TC)/Ti (Titanium coil for TC)/ SS (Stainless Steel coil for TC)/NC (new coil)/TCR M1/M2/M3. Click the fire button to confirm the mode
⦁ Three custom TCR slots are available, allowing you to enter the TCR for a particular wire and use it in temperature control
⦁ In TCR, pressing plus or minus enable you to select the coefficient value, and push the fire button when you have the desired value.
⦁ For a stainless steel coil (SS303, 304, 316 and 317) the TCR range is 150-60. For Gold, it is 300-340. For Titanium, it is 350-370. For Silver, it is 371-380. For Copper, it is 381-390. For Ni-Fe it is 391-500. For Nickel, it is 500-700.
⦁ Reverse polarity, over heating, low voltage, overload/short circuit, no atomizer and overheat protections are built it, as well as a 10 second, cut off.

Design & Appearance

The cross section of Battlestar is similar to ” Wismec RX200″, which is also assuming an overall triangular design, minimizing space to the largest extent & shrink the size of the mod. Its general design language gives adequate expression to its name “Battlestar while the yellow-colored body & black buttons & cell cover making an arresting match.
The mod is rubber painted, comfortable to touch & is dirt-resistant. Well, the color at the edges & corners needs to be further strengthened. Paint at the top & bottom is showing slight depainting, they might be scratched by hard objects like other mods or keys. But overall, the mod is firmly painted, & I have not found any other scratches.
Smoant Battlestar 200W gets a spring type gold-plated 510 connectors, occupying a large proportion of the top area. But personally, I’d rather not have three openings around the 510 connectors since they might lead oil into the well of the connector.

The operational area is of typical layout: fire button above the screen, regulating buttons are in one-piece, down on the left, up on the right.

Ventilation holes are cut near the chip as well as on the cell door, adequate for heat dissipation. In the meantime, four additional tiny holes are opened at the bottom that is bearing the SMOANT logo, the name of the mod, CE & unrecyclable sign.

By closer look, I found the screen is covered with a layer of protective film, protecting the screen from scratches.
The battery cover is attached to the body by four pairs of strong magnets, plus the slot design, the door adheres tightly & firmly. The battery compartment is made of a quality material by neat work. The anodes are gold-plated & spring-loaded, & cells are not to be paralleled.

Probably to improve the overall appearance, the battery door is not cut with shallow slots for removal. This design might be hard for new users to open the cell cover since most of them are used to those comes off with the help of their fingernails. But Battlestar 200W’s battery cap is tightly attached, fingernails could only make it easier.
The correct way is to grasp the mod with one h& while the thumb of the other h& on one side of the ventilated area of the cover & the rest fingers on the other side, then pull.

Screen & Setting

Battlestar 200W ‘s screen gets a fairly inclusive display, like power output, battery power, mode, real-time output voltage, resistance, & temperature parameters in TC mode. Its function manual is straightforward to operate. Three consecutive clicks will bring out the main Menu, regulating buttons to the choose,fire button to confirm.
In addition to the average voltage output, Battlestar 200W also has temperature control output modes like nickel, titanium, stainless steel & nickel chromium. Three TCR pre-setting enable users to choose preferred materials.


For output, everyone comes with different needs & st&ards. Due to lack of professional measuring equipment, I could not obtain out whether the output of 200W is original. I’ve matched Smoant Battlestar 200W with DNA200 chip, just to allow you some idea. My daily vaping usually rests on an RDA whose ranges among 70-80W, so far I am satisfied Battlestar with its performance.

Regarding temperature control, most of my gear is based on VV, so I did not do specific tests. Instead, I did a test on its nickel, titanium & stainless steel models with several tanks. As far as I can see, the coils get heated up real quick, no apparent pulse symptom, whose performance is neck & neck to other similar mods.

Battlestar 200W is quite accurate in coil resistance as well; its reading is very close to that from software.

Battery Capacity

Many people are concerned on whether double 18650 could fully transfer 200W, although a prior test has proven that SMOK H-PRIV 220W with dual 186850 cells performs almost the same as one with a DNA200 chip, most people hold the thought that it is tough for dual 18650 cells to produce what actual 200W could bring.

To find out, I did a correlation test by comparing the largest vapor via the same tank on Battlestar 200W & DR200, both with full batteries.

The pictures have shown that, regarding vapor production, Battlestar 200W is somewhat behind DR DNA200 chip. Also, both at 200W, Battlestar experiences about a 0.5-second delay after being activated by fire button, which means the power explodes 0.5 seconds later than its rival.By the way, in fact, a lot of devices are available for VV “delay” 0.5 seconds or so, the idea is that most such device’s menu or set-up are performed by continuously clicking the fire button. If buffer time is not equipped, great chance might be that when the fire button is often clicked for setting up or to lock the device, the chip will power up every click, even accidental ones.

When you are switching among output modes, you have to click the fire key consecutively, during which process, the power is not supposed to be outputted. If buffer time is not implemented, the atomizer might have been activated for numerous times already; the negative impact might have occurred to the tank.

Although there are several mods have added a “function button” that has significantly simplified the operating process, it did not become a trend. In fact, all modern chips at the market could take into thought of this “function button” to switch mode, set parameters by only one button, which more user-oriented.

For example, it’s complicated to h&le a mod fixed by a DNA chip for sometimes users have to click the fire button five times to lock up by pressing several keys together to do further set-up while some other operations do not require the 5-click lock-up since the setting could be h&led by “function button.” The tediousness is also a sign that the traditional “three-button” is not enough for complicated functions anymore since even it’s easy for veteran users, least starters.

Although the possibility of the “function button” being activated does exist by accident, overall, its creation does more good than harm, since it could not only simplify the operation but also check the chip from ” waiting,” enabling the chip to operate much faster. But if the chip fails to respond quickly when it is not needed to “wait,” then the chip needs to be improved. How? Let’s wait & place hope on chip manufacturers.

Notable Remarks

Simple Operation

Smoant Battlestar 200W box mod is rather simple to operate:

Five consecutive clicks on fire button to power ON/OFF, three consecutive clicks on fire button to enter the menu, regulating button switches, fire button to confirm. If the tank is installed correctly, a menu will pop up with two options, “+” on the right is to set up a new resistance for the tank, “-” on the left to set up the original strength.

To change the screen, long press two regulating buttons, to hold fire button together with “+” button on the power will alter the display between “black letter on white background” & “white letter on a black background.” The first is for plain reading under the hard light.

Long-press the fire button & two regulation buttons, users could lock up power & temperature setting to stop accidental b to adjust the parameters. Now you obtain out why designer chose the one-piece design of regulating buttons, right?

In TC mode, long-press the fire button & “+” button to set the max.output. I have to consider that this mod is not with a lock-up option, therefore, better control the things off when carrying it in the bag. In fact, if the sequence of pressing fire button together with“-”could be put to use to lock the device up, it could be much more user-oriented.

Overall, Battlestar 200W box mod is easy & straightforward to h≤ even starters could deal with the settings according to the manual.


Battlestar 200W mod could be detected on a lot of on line stores. It is for only 44USD on our official website; the price is quite acceptable among another similar device. Given its performance, this asking is reasonable. Before placing the order, you might need to compare several offering & the rating of the stores they are from & make sure that all are 100% original.
Given the current pricing on several on line stores, as a dual mod that is of compact design, unique shape, & beautiful coloring, Battlestar 200W is competitive regarding cost-effectiveness since there aren’t many mods featuring similar performance as well as functions.


Where to buy the Smoant Battlestar 200W:

For the price, the Smoant Battlestar is an excellent addition to anyone’s collection. It’s a solidly built mod, with unique form factor making it feel comfortable in h&, that has an accurate & consistent chip packed with great features, & somebody who vapes at more modest wattages will benefit from great battery life. The custom TCR input is a great feature too as it allows you to customize & fine tune your temperature control experience. All in all, I’ve not been able to fault it.

It’s an impressive bit of kit & if you are on the hunt for a well priced & powerful unit that comes packed with all the features you could need, feels great in h& & is easy to use as well, then the Smoant Battlestar is a great device to pick up! The mod is priced at around $40 & is available from several overseas vendors, but we have not seen any stockists in the UK yet.

Many thanks to Smoant for sending the Battlestar into the review, & they have also very generously provided 30 units of the Smoant Battlestar to give away you can find out all of the details on our Battlestar giveaway page here! You can see all of the devices from Smoant on their website – http://www.smoant.com/.


  • Small size
  • Pass through charging
  • Strong battery cover
  • Comfortable grip
  • Good TC performance
  • Very well ventilated for chip & cells
  • Good protection features


Now on to the cons: Smoant battlestar problem & Issues

  • Subjective con here, but since it’s a different device, it’s a toss up to see how it will hold up over time. It doesn’t have the track record yet to the build quality or chip quality, but the reviews were good enough to get me to bite, & so far I’m fortunate!
  • Openings on the 510 might control leakage to the internal part
  • Paint on the sides might be damaged by hard objects
  • Second con, just the tiniest blemish, a little pin sized bright spot on the front of the device, but I wouldn’t even be able to take a photo of it if I tried. Again, for the price point, I can’t complain, but it should be mentioned! It’s 98% perfect outside of that. Love the feel.
  • No slot on battery cover for removal
  • Button rattle! I do notice button rattle, & while it does suck, I’m not over here shaking my mod like a fuckin Maraca, so it doesn’t bother me, but should be mentioned.
  • Smoant Battlestar ohms problem: Biggest & final con is the thing ticks like a watch when you put it close to your ear! I’ve googled this & saw this on a review before, it sounds like a watch & ticks every second, even when the screen is off! I think the reviewers probably didn’t put it up to their ears to listen to something like this, but since I read it online & have looked into it further, a few others have found the same thing. I’ve read people have said that it’s the mod checking on the resistance of the device, so as far as how that will reflect on battery life, it remains to be seen. It doesn’t happen when the device is powered down at all. It’s not loud at all, but it is there!

Verdict: Smoant has characterized Battlestar 200W many features in its appearance & performance & by exceptional quality. Plus that it is fairly-priced, no doubt it is one of the current hot now!

If you are interested in stocking the Battlestar you can contact Smoant via these channels:

  • Twitter: KittySmoant
  • Skype: KittySmoant
  • Email: sales7@smoant.com
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KittySmoant
  • Phone number:+8618820184195