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School Board Proposes to Destroy Confiscated E-Cigs

The School Board in the small town of Eden, New York is considering destroying e-cigarettes confiscated from kids at school. I have mixed feelings about this. As a parent whose kids have had iPods and phones confiscated at school, I would hate to lose the money I spent on the devices. On the other hand, I wouldn’t have paid for an e-cig of any kind for my teen kids. I see the point of curbing the use of these devices with the financial penalty of permanently losing a device too.

“There wasn’t a policy on what we would do with the e-cigarette. So parents were calling up and saying we want this $100 e-cigarette back,” said Eden School Board President Michael Byrnes.

The Eden School Board plans to vote on this on August 6th, 2014. I am quite interested in how that turns out. I am not even sure about the legality of a school keeping or destroying higher valued items regardless of whether they are supposed to be at school or not. I am guessing that this would end badly with lawsuits.

When my daughter was in middle school, she had an iPod confiscated and the school’s policy was to keep it locked up until the end of the year. My daughter’s iPod ended up missing. The school told me I was out of luck. Since it was an older iPod, I didn’t look into any actions against the school. I used the incident as a learning experience for my daughter. That’s exactly what it sounds like this school is trying to do.

The more and more I think about it, the more and more I think I am against this idea. I don’t want to see teens vaping, but at the same time, I don’t want to see the school take such drastic measures. If they were cig-a-likes, I could see this, but what if some kid has a $250 authentic. While it’s wrong either way, destroying or holding on to the device becomes a big issue.

The only solutions I can see to curb e-cigs at school is to either confiscate the devices until the end of the school year or suspend the students, and maybe expel if they are a repeat offender. According to the report, confiscated e-cigs are returned to the parents at some point in Buffalo New York.

What are your thoughts? Would you demand the school return an e-cig that your student had taken by the school? 

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  1. Damn right. If this was a high dollar item, I would DEMAND it be given back to me BEFORE the end of the next business day. And if they refused, and destroyed it anyway, someone would tote a severe ass whipping by me, and then they would have to deal with the various lawsuits I would throw at them. A similar experience happened to me in junior high school. Hats were the bain of this one asshole teacher, and he snatched one out of my back pocket one day before I got on the bus. He told me I could have it back in 2 weeks, when the school year was up.

    When I went to collect it, guess what? The dumb bastard put it in an UNLOCKED cabinet & a thief walked away with it. Not that it was a collector’s item or anything, but that asshole teacher paid DEARLY for losing that hat. I made him write a check out to me for $60.00. I told him it was given to me by a celebrity race car driver, and therefore priceless to me. I then took his ass to the school board for being too aggressive on ridiculous claims of breaking school “rules” HE made up, and he ended up losing his job. I bet he never snatched another hat from someone’s pocket in his LIFE!

    While I agree that kids should not have e-cigs at school, people need to realize that if they are going to smoke, or vape, there is asolutely nothing you can do to stop it. NOTHING. But to destroy a $100.00 or more original, hell, even a $30.00 to $40.00 dollar clone should not be destroyed, but given back. Times are really hard right now, so why make them even harder?

    • I am sure that they will have some big issues on their hands if they vote this in. I would be willing to bet that there are some laws against this type of thing. Not sure though.