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Review of Sour Strawberry by Cheap eJuice

If you like the taste of strawberries then the Sour Strawberry by Cheap eJuice is the best e-liquid for you. It has the rich flavor of sour strawberry that you have not tried before. The company has different products and this is one of its best. Cheap eJuice’s office is at Costa Mesa, California.

Flavor Description

When you use the Sour Strawberry, you will know that you are inhaling the best juice for your vape. Its rich strawberry flavor makes its way to your mouth distinctly. The sourness coming from this juice makes your mouth water and is really worth coming back for more. What’s great about this juice is you do not feel any chemical aftertaste. The flavor just lingers on your tongue in a pleasant way. You also will not feel that your mouth will dry. As you indulge with your vape, you do not feel any thirst when using this e-liquid. This is an awesome e-juice and is superb for your everyday vape. The strawberry fruit is so real that it actually is so refreshing. The sour aftertaste also does not give you an unpleasant flavor. Everything about this juice is just rich and full of flavor. 

Nicotine Strength

You can get the 3mg or 6mg nicotine concentration with the Sour Strawberry e-juice by Cheap eJuice. If you want to have a higher nicotine strength, you are given that option with this product. A milder hit too is available so you will always have the freedom to choose which you prefer.


The Sour Strawberry by Cheap eJuice has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) of 65vg/35pg. You will notice that the juice from this product has a medium thickness level. This means that the e-liquid is great for dripping or even if you vape it from a tank.

Throat Hit

Once you inhale the Sour Strawberry, you will feel a sensation that travels at the back of your throat. It feels so pleasant and does not irritate at all. The sour flavor that comes out from this juice is so soothing that you will not cringe when you vape.

Vapor Production

Sour Strawberry by Cheap eJuice produces thick clouds. This is so awesome since the clouds do not disappear right away. Along with the clouds, the smell of strawberries also lingers which is pleasant to the nose.


Sour Strawberry has a unique taste from real strawberry fruit with a hint of sourness. What is great about this product is that Cheap eJuice has mixed it with all the exquisite ingredients and that makes the flavor so thick and distinct. You will not get tired of the taste. In fact, you want more of the e-juice as you indulge with vaping using it. The rich flavor tantalizes your tongue and it lingers. You can vape all you want using this e-juice.


There may be other products similar to this one, but the sour Strawberry is the best e-juices that you can find on the market today. The best part is the cost. It is so cheap and you are able to order this e-liquid right away. Sour Strawberry costs $11.99 for a 120ml bottle. You can purchase this e-liquid at