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Review Of Payday E-Juice By Broke Dick

If you are a fan of coconut in mixed drinks, then the Payday e-juice by Broke Dick is the right one for you. It is a rare and satisfying taste that can only be bought through Broke Dick. The company’s residence is at Somerset Drive, Largo, FL.

Flavor Description           

Payday e-juice just gives you just the right amount of sweetness. You can actually taste each of the different flavors in the juice. It’s blended with banana foster, bourbon and butterscotch with a twist of orange in it. You can just imagine how rich the flavor can be and yes, once tasted this juice, these flavors sink deep into your palate. The rich taste does not end there because Payday is also rich with cappuccino and whipped cream. Then finally, toasted coconut is in the mix that adds a really tasty flavor to the best vape juice by Broke Dick. It’s a mixture of different tastes rolled into one. You need not go far to taste something so rich because Payday e-juice is readily available. Feed your cravings with Payday e-juice. When you indulge with the taste of Payday e-juice, it’s like taking a break from all the everyday hurdles. It feels like life is sweet and worthwhile.

Nicotine Strength

With nicotine, some of us want it strong and some just enough and there are those who do not like it at all. That is why Broke Dick has options for the nicotine strength for Payday. The variations available are 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. You can choose depending on what your nicotine level needs will be. Getting this is super easy since the product is available online. Broke Dick right away provides you the best of e-juices.


The ratio in an e-juice is also an important factor to consider. Payday e-juice by Broke Dick provides the right ratio that caters to your needs. It’s just average ratio of 70vg/30pg which means there is just enough clouds that come out from the juice. The clouds also do not fade out right away because of the balanced ratio. Broke Dick definitely knows what their customers want. This cheap vape juice definitely gives you the right ratio and with a satisfying taste.

Throat Hit

Flavor is an important factor when getting an e-juice and another thing is throat hit. It is essential for an e-juice to provide us with the right hit. Payday e-juice provides just the right balance for throat hit. It does not come out so strong and still gives you the satisfaction of tasting all the flavors included.  We would want the hit to be mild enough to be tolerable once inhaled. Broke Dick gives us the right e-juice blend to get that desired hit.

Vapor Production

When it comes to vape, what we want to see is a good vapor production. Payday e-juice provides just the right amount of vapor that makes you feel satisfied once exhaled. The clouds stay longer and are neither too thick nor thin. It’s just the right distribution of vapor that comes out from the juice. You can even show off these clouds to others and get a positive response because Broke Dick knows how to please you. Payday e-juice is just the best cheap vape juice that is available on the market at these times. For all the competition coming around, Payday e-juice definitely can withstand it.


Broke Dick really knows how to get through to their their customers especially with the price. Payday e-juice is the best cheap vape juice in town. It only costs $22 for a 120 ml bottle.  It’s a price that’s just right and affordable for anyone who is looking for quality cheap e-juice. The right amount of flavors in just one e-juice is more than enough to be priced at this rate. There are a lot of different e-juices that you can buy now, but the balance of the flavor and just the right price do not usually come together. Payday e-juice gives you just that. Quality and cost are the two factors that are most important for Broke Dick towards their customers.

So when looking for the best vape juice, you need not look far because Broke Dick has Payday e-juice that can satisfy your vaping needs.