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Review of STLTH Starter Kit

The STLTH is one of the most popular pod starter kits on the market today. It is comparable to the JUUL and other top pod systems. I rate the STLTH over the JUUL because it has a more powerful battery and bigger pods. The STLTH is a closed pod system; it functions just like the JUUL and other small pod devices on the market. Basically, there is a battery and a pod. Once you connect them, you can start vaping.

The STLTH is available in various colors, including Grey, Black, Navy Blue, and Rose Gold. You can get the STLTH starter kit from for only $14.99.

The STLTH is a portable device, and it is easy to use. The dimensions of this device are 19.1mm by 11.1mm by 105.1mm. It fits in a grip quite comfortably. You can slide it in your pocket or bag too, without any issues. The STLTH is perfect for vaping in public thanks to its portable size and the fact that it doesn’t produce a lot of vapor clouds.

The STLTH is a very sleek device. It feels quite smooth in hand. You will find the STLTH logo imprinted on the lower area of the device. There are no buttons on the STLTH; it is draw-activated. You cannot adjust the wattage or any other settings. There is an LED on the device which flashes a white light when you take a puff. The LED light flashes a orange blinking light when your battery is low. The STLTH has a 420mAh battery, which is non-removable. It takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour to charge the device when the battery is completely empty. The STLTH comes with a micro USB cable. The device doesn’t support pass-through, so you cannot vape while it is charging. The STLTH has a 10-second cut-off limit.

The STLTH pods can hold 2ml of e-juice. There are many e-juice flavors o choose from when buying STLTH pods. They range from fruity to tobacco, dessert, menthol, and more. The pods come with 2%, 3.5%, or 5% of nicotine. STLTH uses proprietary nicotine for its e-liquids. The pods are clear so you can see the level of e-juice that it contains. There is also an e-liquid window which ensures you can know when your pod is running empty. As indicated above, you can’t control the airflow of the STLTH. This is a mouth-to-lung device. The airflow is pretty restricted, but it is not too tight. Some vapers have even said it is a bit loose compared to what they’re used to. I feel adjustable airflow is the only thing that this device is missing.

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