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Review of Ambition E-liquid by Humble


Ambition eLiquid is a refreshing blackberry lemonade vape juice flavor, with a hint of menthol for a hot summer day.




  • Natural & Art Flavoring
  • USP Propylene Glycol
  • USP Vegetable Glycerine,
  • USP NicSelect Nicotine – available in 0, 3, and 6 mg strength level

Vape Company

Ambition e-liquid is part of the Hustle line from Humble Juices. This company is known for their top of the line vape juices. They produce premium juice at practical prices. Their headquarters is situated in Los Angeles, California. I have managed to check out their website, humblejuice.com. I got so many good finds and new discoveries. They have an excellent line of flavor range. I tried purchasing through the site, and it was a walk in the park. Everything was so efficient and fast. The best thing is free shipping! It didn’t mean slow shipping at all since I got my haul after three days. I just subscribed to their newsletter to look out for good deals. I think they run sales now and then. For those on the lookout for a reliable e-liquid supplier, this is the place to be.


The bottle retails at $15.99 only. Luckily, I was able to score mine for as low as $4.99. I got my items on sale! For the quality of this e-juice, the price is so worth it.


The Hustle collection of Humble is available in 60 ml bottles only. The bottle is made of clear plastic showing  the e-Liquid inside. The sticker label is also transparent. It has prints of the company name as well as the flavor, Ambition. On the other side, the mandated warning labels are printed. The bottle comes with a glue tip cover, so it’s easier for refilling. I had no issues using mine, and so far, it does not leak as well. The overall design of the packaging is very simple yet striking.

Flavor and Taste

If you are a fan of tart flavors, this is probably the best e-juice for you. It has a unique lemonade taste but with blackberry undertones. It is absolutely delicious. What completes the flavor is the icy menthol kick on the exhale. I enjoy vaping on this because of cool menthol taste towards the end. It is satisfying and raises the bar for my vaping experience. The taste cuts to that chase. It is very straightforward yet very interesting at the same time. I like the mix they created here. It’s something I can consider as an all day vape for me. I’d probably keep this in my stash for a long time. And yes, a repurchase is in order.

Throat Hit

I am a fan of mild throat hits. I feel like my vaping experience is not complete when an e-juice lacks that punch in the throat.  Usually, I go for at least 3mg, and the maximum I can take is 6mg. For Humble’s Ambition, I got the 3 mg nicotine level. It gave me just what I wanted; a mild TH. I usually go for lower wattage for the flavors to still pop up while maintaining a good vapor.

Vapor Production

Well at 80VG content, this one’s a charmer to cloud chasers. It produces thick, dense clouds. The vapor production is immense. I’m starting to appreciate how important VP is. Anyhow, this e-liquid can release puffy clouds and not the whimsy, barely there type. Ambition is a great blend of e-liquid. Also, when I opened the bottle, the scent is very placid. It has the fruity citrus scent. It’s so pleasant to my senses. Call me weird, but the smell relaxes me.

In totality, I could say I was very lucky to have purchased this flavor from Humble for a very low price. But after trying this one, I will not hesitate to purchase this at its regular price. It’s worth it. I’m not sure why the company named it as Ambition. For me, if I’d have the chance to put together a vape juice for myself I would go for this mix. I tried mixing flavors before, but I never thought lemonade, blueberry, and menthol could go so well together.  I could only dream I had thought of this blend before.