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Review of Billions E-Liquid by Havoc Juice

Billions by Havoc Juice is probably the best e-liquid with apple pie flavor on the market today. It has a rich and sumptuous flavor that will delight your taste buds. When vaping Billions, you can pick out all the traditional flavors of an American apple pie. It has the taste of fresh apples with pastry crust and hints of cinnamon. The cinnamon flavor in this Havoc Juice e-liquid is not harsh, but you can taste it. Some vapers have described the taste of this e-juice as being similar to that of a cinnamon toast crunch. If you love apple pies, then you need to grab a bottle of this e-liquid. Billions is most definitely an all day vape. You may want to get some ice cream or hot coffee to complete the treat for your taste buds.

You can get Billions and other e-liquids in the Havoc Juice series from just about any well-stocked vape shop. A 60ml bottle of Billions is priced at about $20 at most vape stores, but you can get it for only $15.99 from the Humble Juice official site. You can buy this e-liquid wholesale or retail from this store.

Havoc Juice hit the bull’s eye with Billions. This blend tastes like a top-and-bottom apple pie. It contains the peculiar flavor of green apples. This e-juice does not taste artificial at all even when you turn up the wattage. If you want to savor the taste of Billions to the fullest, you need to vape it using a powerful mod. When vaping this Havoc Juice blend, you will mostly get the taste of apples and cinnamon on the inhale. On the exhale, the pastry crust flavor comes to the fore. Billions is sweet, bit also has a touch of tartness.

Humble Juice pre-steep all their e-liquids for two weeks or more before they hit the market. Although it comes pre-steeped, do not hesitate to steep it again for about one week or thereabout. Steeping works best for vape juice blends that contain nicotine because nicotine contributes to the oxidation of the flavorings.

Billions e-liquid by Havoc Juice is a MAX VG blend. It has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 80/20. It is suitable for vaping using either a sub ohm tank or a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). This e-juice is easy on coils. You can vape it for more than one day before you will need to clean your coils. The vapor production of Billions is huge. You will get massive clouds of thick vapor from each puff when vaping this e-liquid. It is perfect for cloud tricks.

Billions is available with varying nicotine strength levels. You can get this e-juice with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. The throat hit that you will get from vaping this e-juice depends on the nicotine strength that you select. If you were a heavy smoker or you want a very intense throat hit, you may need to go for 6mg of nicotine. You could also mix Billions with another e-liquid that has higher nicotine levels to get a better throat hit and nicotine buzz. This e-liquid is made of high-grade nicotine so you will not feel any harshness in your throat when vaping it.

Billions has the same classic packaging design that is used for all the e-liquids in the Havoc Juice series. It comes in a clear glass bottle which has a nice dripper tip. You can easily fill a tank or drip e-juice on your coils without spilling it all over. There is a simple label on the bottle which features the Havoc Juice logo as well as some information about the product like its nicotine level and more.

Humble Juice is one of the top-selling brands in the US vaping market. This company makes some of the best e-juice flavors on the market. The best part is that all Humble Juice blends are sold at incredibly cheap rates. This company not only makes dessert e-liquids but also fruity, tobacco, and breakfast blends. Apart from Havoc Juice, Humble has other e-juice lines namely Hustle Juice, Havana Juice, SVLT Juice, Humble Juice, and Humble Ice Juice.

The other vape juice flavors in the Havoc Juice series are Aftermath, Tsunami, and Firestorm.