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Rebuilding Aspire Nautilus Coils Seems Like a Waste of Time


I was changing out coils on a couple Aspire Nautilus tanks this evening and decided to look at how difficult it would be to rebuild them. I wouldn’t mind saving $2 a week if it was a snap to do. I took it apart as much as I could and it looked like it was going to be tough. You can’t remove the “chimney” that the stock dual coils are housed in. When I took it apart, I noticed how nasty and gunky the coil and wick were in this 1 week old stock coil. I was burning Thunderhead Vapor’s Menthol Trends on this one. In the photo, you can see in the blur, the pin just behind the right coil leg. You can see the grommet that the pin goes into on the right, and the housing in the back. Well, I wanted to look into rebuilding these, so I searched Google for a video to show a rebuild of the Aspire Nautilus coils and I found this one:

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I watched all 19 minutes and came to the conclusion that, in my opinion, it’s not worth the time and effort. For a $2.00 a coil savings, my time is spent better doing other things. I realize that rebuilding these coils can not only save you money, they can improve the vape, but I think I will stick to rebuilding coils that are designed to be rebuilt. You know Kayfuns, AGA-T, RSST, Etc.

Then I found a link to a website called Vape “N’ Quit that sells a “rebuildable” Nautilus coil. Well it doesn’t look too much different that the regular recoil that was rebuilt in the video above. It comes a Re-Coiling Tool that is supposed to make the process of putting the new, rebuilt coil into place perfectly each time. Still, this seems like too much effort to save a couple of bucks each week. Here’s another video, this time it’s a rebuild of  Vape “N’ Quit’s version.

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Seriously, I get that the vape is probably better on custom rebuilt coils in the Aspire Nautilus, but the effort could be better spent rebuilding a Kayfun. I run 1 ohm single coils with cotton in my Kayfuns and on the Sigelei 20w, the vape is awesome for me. I can take down, clean, recoil and rewick, and have it back together so fast that it’s nothing to do it. With my Nautilus tanks, I like to just clean them out and throw a new coil in once a week. I don’t want to waste valuable time rebuilding the Nautilus coils.

What do you think? Do you think Rebuilding Aspire Nautilus coils is worth your time?

Rebuilding coils on tanks that are not really designed for rebuilding seems like it could save some money but time is money.


  1. Hallos,
    You are wrong i own a kayfun and a Nautilus. I rebuilded the Nautilus coil in a special way. It produces every bit
    of flavour and vaper a Kayfun does. First rip out ALL filler material then You should use a small drillbit and drill true the hole casing of the coil housing. The 2 leftover filler holes you should cut off with a drop of glue.
    Now make a coil on the drillbit you use 7 wraps 0.30 Khantal. Torch it to get the coils together. Insert coil, push drilllbit true drill hole to allign with the coil you made. Connect the + and -. Now pull cotton true the drill hole (loose fit) trim the coton and vape away. Coil will last along time just only replace cotton once in a while.

    • I’m not saying it’s not good, I am merely saying that it seems like a lot of effort and IMO, not worth the time.

      Thanks for letting us know your method and thanks for visiting the site.