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ProVari P3 First Look by PBusardo

I can finally get excited about a ProVari. If I had started vaping a year or more ago, there is no doubt that I would have bought a ProVari by now, but knowing that something new was in the works has stopped me from dropping almost two bills on a version that is a bit older in the technology department. I realize that ProVari is synonymous with quality, but I was waiting on the new and not the rehashed 2.5 versions like the Dragon and recently released GloVari.


The time is here, it’s getting closer. So close that Phil Busardo has finally been given the green light to post his 1st impressions. Knowing how the review game worked in the mobile tech world back when I was in that game, I can only assume that Phil has had hands on with this new version a couple times over the last 2 months. In fact, it looks like he shot this video a week ago and just published it today.


Here’s his 1st Look Video

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Here are my notes from Phil’s Video

  • There is no announced availability date. They won’t be able to be purchased online. They will only be available from authorized resellers 1st. I will be hitting Curt from Beyond Vaping for sure!
  • Cost will be more than the 2.5 versions out right now.
  • Safety 1st, as always with ProVape.
  • Made by a US Company, in the US.
  • All manuals and paper work will come on a cool looking USB Drive that looks like a key.
  • Slightly bigger than the 2.5 ProVari.
  • 510 connection is floating so you don’t have to adjust RDA or RBA pins.
  • Usable with 18350, 18490, or 18650 batteries and extention tubes will come with it.
  • Threading is the same with older ProVari extention tubes.
  • Variable Voltage (2.9v to 6v) and Wattage (3w to 20w) and fires down to .7ohms
  • Smart Battery Monitoring
  • IQ System that monitors the health of the device’s connections based on a 1-100 grade.
  • Button Back Lighting can be changed to different colors, including Dimitri Pink.
  • Supports 5 User Profiles.

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So what do you think? Is 20W a deal breaker for you?

I don’t care what the price is, I am buying one. I don’t care that it doesn’t go to 30w or more, I am buying one. I don’t need 30w anyhow. I am so excited right now. I know that I called the Dragon and others “just another 2.5 variation”, but seriously… I was waiting on this.

Check out Phil’s post on Taste your Juice.

ProVape has also released a sneak peak video!


  1. I respectfully disagree. I purchased a Provari 3 in November of 2014 and it is now malfunctioning. When I reached out to customer service, I was told they will not replace the device – I think the only option is they will try and repair. For this amount of money, this is too big of a gamble to take and I would recommend buying another device from a manufacturer that will replace malfunctioning devices.