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ProVari P3 on Ebay

It seems someone has posted a ProVari P3 on Ebay already. The link might be dead soon, but here’s a screen grab of the auction.


This is one of the Beta units that authorized ProVari B&M shops had a chance to purchase for their evaluation or it could be a review unit sent out to people like Phil Busardo. I know that Phil isn’t the type to do something like this for sure. From what I understand, ProVari dealers had the option to purchase 2 of these beta units. I was lucky enough to get some hands on time with one today at one dealer and then saw another at the next store I visited. I was told when I jokingly offered cash for one of these beta unit today that if any store was caught selling these, they’d fall from ProVape’s graces right away.

Ever since Phil Busardo posted his video, I have been super excited to get one of these despite the perceived shortcomings that the vape community complained about, namely the 20 watt limit. I have news for those that are complaining. YOU ARE NOT THE TARGET CONSUMER.

Anyhow, back to the Ebay Auction of on of these beta units. The bid is currently at $250 and the “Buy it Now” is set at $1000.

A quick look at the seller’s profile shows that he’s selling other ProVari versions so he’s probably an authorized ProVari dealer or selling on behalf of one.

Negative comments on this seller:

  • Didn’t reimburse me for shipping after we met up due to him being away
  • Sold broken phone, Home button nor the touch screen works, Don’t buy from seller

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I’d be surprised if this auction makes it 4 more days before Ebay takes it down.

Would you pay that much for a beta unit?

I know people who would.

While we’re talking about the ProVari P3, here are a couple of photos I shot of the P3 today.

p3_1  p3_2

p3_3  p3_4


  1. IMHO, you are just as bad as the person who is selling the beta ProVari P3 on eBay by giving them space on your blog, and possibly encouraging other people to put in bids on it!!
    Did you even bother to notify the folks at ProVape about it first??

  2. Don’t you think that these type of auctions will create more of a fever for the product when it does become available for the masses? Clever market testing and marketing, not that provape is behind it.