Tatroe T1 RDTA

Tatroe T1 RDTA Re-buildable Dripping Tank Atomizer Gravity fed tank RBA system.


  • Chimney Hole diameter 1/8 (.125) inch ( Air chamber from bottom of tank to drip tip)
  • Dripping hole or feed hole on the thank is 7/64 (.109) inch
  • Overall Length is 2 ¼ (2.250) inch
  • Diameter is 23mm
  • Diameter of heated treated glass 7/8 (.875) inch
  • Glass length 1 ¼ (1.25) inch
  • Screws in base are 4-40
  • Posistive adjusting screw on bottom is 2-56
  • Recess in base is 1/16 deep
  • Dripper cap length 7/8 (.875) inch
  • Pre drilled air hole size 1/16 (.0625) inch
  • Post height from deck ¼ (.25) inch


The T1 RDTA offers the best of both worlds.  In the Tank mode you are given a 3.7ml tank which will auto feed your liquid onto your RBA. This eliminates the need to constantly remove and drip onto your RBA.

In drip mode you remove the tank and place your drip cap on. Bringing you back to the feel of an RBA. In both modes you have a choice to build in a single or dual coil setup with room to spare,  With the allotted extra space you can pack extra wicking or perhaps a quad coil?

The 1st 300 of the Authentic Tatroe T1 RDTAs were serial numbered.

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