The Russian 91%

The Russian 91% rebuildable atomizer is a clone of the popular of the Kayfun Lite. It’s almost identical to the Kayfun Lite, but differs in that the Russian 91% has adjustable air-flow control.


  • All high quality solid stainless steel 304
  • Underpressure DIY Atomizer
  • Air Control
  • Adjustable 510 center pin
  • All components compatible to the Kayfun Lite
  • Drip tips adapter for all 510 drip tips and also the Russian drip tip
  • One positive and two negative posts


The Russian 91% from Kebo is a very advanced rebuildable atomizer tank system. The flavor that it’s reduced chamber design produces is simply amazing.

This is very similar, and parts compatible with the Kayfun Lite, however this version includes adjustable air flow and an adjustable center pin on the 510 connector.

This product is NOT made by SvoMesto and should not be confused with their Kayfun products.


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