A jig for making coils for Rda/Rba’s with built in atomizer stand. Includes 5 different size posts for making various coils.


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  • Diameter: 2.75in
  • Height: 0.70in
  • Base material: HDPE Polyethylene Coil rod material
  • Weight: 0.95g
  • Post sizes (inches): 0.039, 0.047, 0.078, 3/32 and 1/8

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Both the HexaCoiler and spare parts pack are available in our Facebook Shop located at the top of our main page.

Note: Rigid HDPE Polyethylene: Often used for tank linings and industrial cutting boards, HDPE polyethylene offers the excellent moisture resistance of LDPE with a higher-density, firmer construction. It also resists most chemicals. Coil post/rods are made from 18-8 grade stainless steel If you have any ideas or suggestions, contact us on our Facebook page and we will look in to your ideas.


HexaCoiler by LDP Designs, located in Michigan have engineered this nifty and creative device for making coils.

The HexaCoiler is very light weight and small enough to travel with you. Made with high grade HDPE Polyethylene the body will hold up to anything you throw at it. The shape allows excellent grip when making your coils and also provides a sturdy and flat base for doing your builds. The shape is made by using a water jet, carving out each one off of a sheet of rigid HDPE Polyethylene then hand crafted and sanded to final shape.

The HexaCoiler has 3 finger screws around the perimeter of the base. The first one can unscrew and inside the chamber lies all 5 of your stainless coil posts. The next one is used to tighten the coil posts to the base. The last finger screw is used to tighten down one end of your wire so it does not slip off. Along with being able to make coils easily, there is another hole next to the rod hole. By using the o-rings around the wire tightening screw and placing them over the threads of your rebuildable device. The device will now snugly fit in to that hole to make inserting your finished coil easier.


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