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More on Product Verification – Aspire

I posted a few days ago about fake Kanger Tech products and how they were changing some of their authentication methods up. Aspire is also doing a good job to ensure that customers know they are getting authentic gear.


On a really nice guide on Aspire’s website, they detail ways to spot a fake. In addition to the “Security Code” on the boxes, you can tell by the quality of the packaging. I trust the dealers I deal with and have had no reason to check personally, but I decided to give it a go with a one of my Nautilus boxes and a box of Nautilus coils.

aspirecheck4 aspirecheck3

Both passed just fine.

Aspire has even called out the copycats by name! An entire page on their website detailing copycats.


Knock offs are a big industry for China. It’s good to know some companies are trying to help consumers know the difference.