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I have ordered my 1st Authentic Mech Mod!

Today marks a day in my vaping life that came a little earlier than I expected. 48 days in, I ordered my 1st authentic mech mod and… drum roll please… my 1st authentic RBA. I went hard to start as it is with the MVP 2 being my 1st vape. After I bought a 2nd mech mod clone this morning, I asked myself, “Why bother, get a real mod!”. I listened to myself and ordered a black Sioux mod V3.

blacksioux mephisto


I ordered the Sioux Mod in black and chome. If you search the web for the black Sioux mod, you’ll see a bunch of videos and photos of a black and brass version, but the one I bought from Bama Vapors is black and silver. It comes with a serial number and a dog tag with a matching serial number. There is a brass insert in the photo at Bama Vapors though. I just noticed that. Anyhow. I won’t be using the Immortalizer Atomizer you see in the photo, instead I got the Mephisto in black to set this thing off. 

This Mod was made from an inspiration of “Simple yet Powerful”. It can fit 18350, 18500/18490 and 18650/18700 batteries. The top thread is made to match the E-vic Head to make it more versatile. The switch is an adjustable one that can be set into auto fire mode by simply using a coin and making a few turns. The Bottom Extender and tube can be used as a Provari Extention Cup for the Mini and Standard. Lastly we Silvered the Copper pins to make it deliver optimum power.

Like I said, I also ordered the The Mephisto RDA is from El Diablo. This the one that RiP Trippers was gaga over recently.

This RDA features enormous post holes that can easily accommodate quad 20 gauge coils, and large surface flat head screws to allow you to adequately secure your coils, as well as large dual cyclops air holes. This RDA shines for builds that demand huge airflow.

I am really looking forward to having an “Authentic” experience this weekend!