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One Month Online, Progress Report, and a New Logo

one-month-anniversaryOne Month Online

I created this site just 2 weeks after I started vaping. When I become passionate about something, I like to share. I did this with Pocket PC’s back in 2002. I did it with SEC Football, World of Warcraft Twinking, Zune, and more. Almost every site was successful too. The site I started in 2002 went from 1 forum member to 20,000 in the 1st month online. The follow on sites were successful because of the success of the the 1st one though. This site, I am growing from scratch and it’s not growing very fast. I don’t mind that though. I really don’t want/need much traffic until I develop more content.

Anyhow, we just had our ONE MONTH ANNIVERSARY and it seems like it’s been one long week. I’ve had a blast working on the site so far.

Progress Report

I have been working pretty hard getting the site where I want it. Tweaking scripts, adding items into the Vape Gear Database, adding stores to the B&M section, etc. I have been working on our social media accounts too. We have a Facebook Page now, which needs likes bad! We’re also on Twitter, Skype, Reddit, Google, and YouTube. I work a full time job, so getting the B&M section finished is going to take FOREVER, but I am pushing myself to add at least 10 stores a night. Last night I got side tracked for hours working on CSS issues and trying get a conditional working that shows whether an item in our Vape Gear Directory is a mod or clone with a label next to the product name. I plan to use this on the high end mods and RDAs. I have it working now!

Here’s where I think I stand with all the sections of the site.

[column size=”4-5″ last=”1″]
[skillbar title=”Design & Logo” level=”100″]
[skillbar title=”Glossary” level=”80″]
[skillbar title=”FAQs” level=”50″]
[skillbar title=”Review Section” level=”0″]
[skillbar title=”Guide Section” level=”10″]
[skillbar title=”B&M Directory” level=”5″]
[skillbar title=”Vape Gear Database” level=”10″]
[skillbar title=”Forums” level=”5″]

New Logo

When I decided to create this site, I thought it would be cool to stick with the naming scheme I used on my tech sites… Well I couldn’t get so I added the my to it. I also thought it would be cool to use the throwback logo from my earlier sites. While I still liked the looks, it didn’t say, “This is a website about vaping”. I decided to throw something together late last night, well this morning really. I didn’t go to bed until 7am today. I slept for 3 hours and I’m back at it.


Here are the two logos, old on the left and new on the right.

Thanks for visiting myVaporSite!