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Ohmega Hybrid BFT Tank Review

The Ohmega Hybrid BFT Tank is another splendid product from US-based Ohmega Vape. This massive 30mm RDA is built for cloud chasing with its wide bore airflow holes. It can also handle high wattages.

If you want a tank that would enable you to blow thick clouds with each hit, the Ohmega Hybrid BFT is a good choice. The setup also does a good job of preserving the flavor of your e-liquid, allowing you to enjoy it to the max. While this may not be the best tank on the market for flavor chasers, it’s pretty darn good.

The first thing that you would notice about the Ohmega Hybrid BFT Tank once you have it in your hands is that it’s massive at 30mm. If you do not like your tank to overhang on your mod, you are going to have to select your vape mod carefully. With that said, the tank has excellent build quality, and it is easy to use. When you hold it in your hands, it feels like a premium product.

The Ohmega Hybrid BFT Tank comes in black and stainless steel color. Both versions are quite elegant. This atomizer is available for purchase on many online vape stores. It costs about $37.99 on

The Ohmega Hybrid BFT Tank has a capacity of 7.5 ml. If you use the tank reservoir too, its capacity increases to 12ml. Considering the relatively small appearance of the tank, some have questioned whether it can actually hold 12ml of e-juice. What is certain is that it can contain a load of e-liquid.

This tank doesn’t guzzle up your e-juice quickly although you may think that would be the case looking at its components and design. If you are not a chain vaper and you fill up the tank, it is likely to last you for more than a day before you need to refill. The tank has a threaded top-fill cap. All you have to do is remove the cap and fill in your e-juice through the top holes.

As stated earlier, the Ohmega Hybrid BFT Tank was made for cloud-chasing. It comes with three large airflow holes which are non-adjustable. Also, you cannot adjust the e-liquid flow on this tank. It has a wide bore Delrin drip tip. You cannot use any other drip tip with this atomizer. Thankfully, it comes with an extra Delrin drip tip with the same 10mm size. An extra pyrex glass for the tank section is also included in the package.

The Ohmega Hybrid BFT Tank has a velocity-style bottom deck. It is designed with a large lead head and Phillips screws to hold the coils in place. The atomizer comes with two wide 3.55mm Clapton coils. Thanks to the spacious bottom deck and large coils, it is easy to wick this setup. You are going to need a lot of cotton for this setup. There are four inlets under the coil to allow the e-juice to saturate the wick properly and prevent any spills.

There is a copper 510 screw under the Ohmega Hybrid BFT Tank that you can use to attach it to a mod. Overall, this tank is a high-quality product. It feels robust in the hands, and its performance is excellent. Although it is a high-wattage setup, this RDA does not get very heated – even when you are chain vaping. It is recommended for experienced vapers.

Ohmega Vape is the very popular name in the vaping industry thanks to its lineup of solid products. Ohmega has many products to its name that range from vaping hardware and e-liquids. The company makes products for both beginners and advanced vapers.