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Moodtime E-Cigarette Review

Moodtime USA e-cigarette is a compact, precharged and pre-filled vape pen that is anything but difficult to use. This disposable e-cigarette gives you the impression of smoking a cigarette but with a scrumptious flavor.

With more than 20 diverse alcoholic flavors accessible, Moodtime provides you with several choices to pick from. Each device gives you up to 1,000 puffs before it needs to be discarded.

Moodtime’s smooth aesthetic design catches the eye. This device weighs just 0.2lbs but it comes with 3.5ml of e-juice (with 5% nicotine salts) and a 650mAH battery.

Moodtime is a US brand that makes vape pens with alcohol flavor. You can buy disposable vape pen and enjoy free delivery. 

You can check the authenticity of every Moodtime product that you buy online. The company also provides excellent customer service and can help you figure out any issues that you have with their device.

You can get these disposable e-cigarettes from Moodtime right now for just $11.99, each – this is 15% off the standard price ($13.99). There is also a bundle deal of 10 e-cigarettes for just $69.99 (Reduced from $89.99). If you are a wholesaler, you can contact Moodtime directly for bulk prices.

The Moodtime online shop is one of the best online vape store USA to get alcohol-infused disposable pod devices.