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Mephisto 26650 RDA Coming Soon

All I can say to this is… “WOW”. Wow to both the V2 and the El Diablo Mod.

The post on Facebook was announcing the 26650 version of the Mephisto, but the mod is what got my attention.


I’ve been a huge fan of the Mephisto ever since I bought the original Mephisto in black. Just yesterday I got to check out the Mephisto V2 and it’s quite beautiful as well. It’s got some really nice enhancements from the original version and even more air flow.

I haven’t been keeping an eye on newer mech mods since I am more of a box mod guy, but today a friend of mine linked the El Diablo┬áMod photo to me and I am floored at how beautiful it looks. I realize it’s not “news” but it’s “new” to me. I am not a mech mod fan any more, but that thing is so so nice looking. I love black mods. I must resist.

I started digging a bit and found this on the El Diablo Facebook page.

Mephisto v2 and El Diablo Mod First impressions! By Yosh

Both the 18650 and 26650 versions of the El Diablo are sold out at Vaper Gate right now.