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Lost Vape Orion Mini Pod Starter Kit Review

Lost Vape stays on top of the game with this Orion series, judging by how it keeps adding innovative devices to the series. The latest addition is the lost vape Orion mini pod starter kit that combines ergonomic performance with never-seen-before features. This Orion series has been showcasing amazing devices for years, and this recent mini pod is definitely a crown on top. Already riding on the reputation of the parent brand, this lost vape Orion mini pod is already taking the market by storm for its ability to look so sleek and offer such great performance. It is an all-time innovation that will elevate your vaping experience to greater heights. Read further to see everything you need to know about this Orion Vape.

Product description

Solid durability

The lost vape Orion mini pod kit is undoubtedly a small device that takes up little or no space. It is, however, made using the strongest material, zinc alloy. With this material, you are guaranteed durability and can stand the test of time. You need not worry about letting the device go due to poor performance.

Rechargeable battery

Every device entirely depends on its battery capacity to run all its operations. Lost Vape Orion mini kit is no exception since it has an integrated battery capacity of 800mAh, so you can be assured of long vaping sessions. Nonetheless, this device also can be recharged through the type C charging port found on the device. Long uninterrupted vaping sessions are non-negotiable regarding lost vape Orion mini kit.

Vape juice capacity

The length of vaping sessions entirely depends on the vape juice concentration available. This last vape Orion mini kit houses a whooping 3ml vape juice, among the highest mini kits concentrations. With this, you can be sure to experience long vaping sessions without the need to refill.

Airflow control

Nothing gives you freedom like choosing how to consume your vape, especially the concentration. The amount of airflow allowed into the device determines your flavor and vapor balance. As an independent person who enjoys freedom, this mini kit is what you have been looking for. Every time you get to adjust your airflow through the inlet ring without fear. Lost Vape Orion mini kit is the device that lets you spread your wings to fly and explore different flavors and vapor concentrations.

Ease of use

For first timers, the lost vape Orion mini kit is a user-friendly device that is easy to understand and operate. In addition, it comes with a user manual written in simple language, and instructions are well outlined.



Lost Vape Orion mini pod starter kit holds a generous amount of vape juice, has a sleek design, and features a very powerful battery. Its type C charging port has the special purpose of ensuring you enjoy your uninterrupted vaping sessions. Finally, this device is easy to operate and understand and comes with a warranty card, among other important items. If you want to upgrade to a premium starter kit that keeps you on top of the world, you should look no further. Lost Vape Orion mini pod starter kit solves all your pod system worries.

Where to purchase the Lost Vape Orion mini pod starter kit

You can purchase the Lost Vape Orion mini pod starter kit from the West Coast Vape Supply website for $39.99. This is the leading online vape store that stocks premium vape devices from reputable brands. Visit the store today for multiple deals and discounts.