Vaper's Advocacy


Hello again. The time is NOW Vapers!

This is my last chance to urge everyone to submit their comments to the FDA in hopes that it might help. I had a death in the family and haven’t had a chance to post lately. I am sorry about that.

I have already submitted a couple of times, through Free to Vape and directly. I have sent my comments to my state officials as well. I am submitting again today as well.

There are millions of vapers out there and a very small amount of people have submitted. That is not good. We’ve got to get our comments in. Please read all that is out there to help you submit.

If you are going to do it, don’t delay. TOMORROW IS THE DEADLINE!!!!


Free to Vape – One way to submit. I suggest doing this and a direct submission.

Time to Submit Comments! CASAA’s 4th Call to Action! – step by step for direct submission. Guide – This is a good guide, based on the CASAA call to action that suggests what to include in your submission. In this guide, they suggest sending a copy of your comment submission to I agree. Also make sure to check the block on the submission page to send yourself an email receipt. 

If you need a visual, check out this video (starts the demo at ~ 6:45)

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Here is what I submitted today as an example. It’s short and sweet.


Hello, my name is Chris Leckness and I am an EX-SMOKER! 

That’s right, 27 years of smoking and I am now done! I have tried to quit dozens of times. I have tried the patch, I have tried gum, dipping, Wellbutrin, and well… nothing has worked until e-cigarettes

3-4 years ago, I was attending CES in Las Vegas. I was there covering the mobile tech industry, but I ended up talking with a vendor that was showing an ecig that looked like a real cigarette. He handed me a sample (tobacco flavored) and I took a puff and was like, “woah… that’s bad!” I proceeded to tell this guy that I smoked menthol and he gave me a menthol version. It was bad too, but I didn’t have the heart to tell him a 2nd time though. Since I was press, he handed me some additional samples to take back with me. I never used them. The experience (taste and feel) was so awful that I swore I’d never give them another chance. I don’t even remember the name of that company. It was cool how it did look like a real cig and even had a led in the end to look like a real cherry. That same week, I actually picked up a couple other e-cigs at CES, but none of them tasted good enough to use.

Let’s fast forward to a couple of years ago. A friend of mine in Memphis was telling me how he quit smoking using e-cigs. I wasn’t interested. He ended getting so excited about e-cigs that he started selling products at a flea market. Eventually he opened one of the best brick and mortar shops in Memphis, Zooks Vapor. I still wasn’t ready to try them.

I saw a couple contractors that works in my buildings with some fancy looking e-cigs. They told me how awesome they were, but I wasn’t interested. One of their co-workers and I went outside to smoke our REAL CIGS and they followed us out and enjoyed their big old e-cigs!

3 months after that, I ran into the same 3 contractors. All 3 of them were using e-cigs now. Craig, the one that was smoking real cigs with me 3 months earlier had also converted to e-cigs shortly after I saw them last. I’ve known him for years and I said to myself, “If he can quit, so can I”. On that day, I decided I wanted to give them a go.

The 1st thing I did was to call my friend at Zooks Vapor. He told me some things to look for and some to look out for. I was going to order a kit from him, but found that there was a local store where I live that had just opened 3-4 months earlier. I decided to check them out in hopes of finding what I need without having to wait a couple of days for a shipment. I headed in and the owner recommended the same device for me that my friend Todd had suggested. I purchased the MVP 2.0 and a Kanger Unitank and a couple of ejuice bottles and headed home to try it out.

I haven’t craved a real cigarette since that day.

I am now 110 days smoke free. I feel better, I smell better, I’ve lost 10-15 pounds. I have more energy. I have met a lot of friends through vaping. I am saving money. Everything is great.

The best things that have come as result of vaping for me is that I don’t wake up every morning hacking up stuff for the 1sthour of the day.

What I don’t want to see happen is this industry being regulated to the point where the only companies that can afford to submit their products to the FDA are large corporations that have only financial goals in mind, like the tobacco industry.

If the tobacco industry becomes the only player in this market, the product innovation will be stifled and the cost effectiveness of vaping will go away.

I feel that the tobacco industry will provide a limited selection of vaporizers and create an infrastructure where we have to rely on their refills to continue. They will have a monopoly and everyone knows what happens then… costs go up.

In the current economy of vaping, companies are being pushed to innovate and provide low cost solutions to stay ahead of their competitors. In that atmosphere, consumers win.

Ultimately, the goal is to stay off cigarettes. We all need something a little different to quit. Some people are fine with the cheap, low quality vaporizers being provided by the tobacco companies currently. Many, like me, need a more powerful solution like variable wattage devices to satisfy my urges.

If the proposed regulations are put into place, choices will be severely limited. This might not affect current vapers as much, but it will make it very difficult for the millions of smokers that might consider vaping in the future. Those are the people I fear for.

Please don’t hand over an industry that saves lives over to companies that don’t care about our health. The government has allowed tobacco enough already.

The small companies that make up the vaping community will die off if these regulations are put into place. Please don’t let that happen. The financial effect of putting 1000s of people out of work would be devastating. Can we put all those people out of work in exchange for lobbying dollars from the tobacco and pharmaceutical industries?


I’ve watched hours of CSPAN discussions where government officials and interest groups fear that children are being targeted by the e-cigarette industry. I agree to an extent. There are companies that are targeting teens. The main companies that are doing this are the companies that the FDA regulations will give the keys to the industry to. The type vaping equipment and juices I use are not sold by these companies.

Let me say this again! The main offenders are the cig-a-like companies that are the only companies that will be able to afford to submit their products to the FDA for approval. If these regulations go through, the main companies that market to kids will still be standing. Don’t give the industry to those companies.

Flavors are not the enemy though.

Flavors are what make vaping great. If I had to vape tobacco and menthol flavors exclusively, I sincerely don’t feel that I could have gone this long without cigarettes.

I love strawberry flavored e-liquids. I love dessert flavored e-liquids. I am 42 years old.

I recently helped an 80 year old couple quit smoking. They tried everything. They had purchased cig-a-likes. They didn’t work. They went to a local vape shop and bought an eGo Style kit with tobacco flavored e-liquid. That didn’t work either. The main problem was the taste wasn’t that good enough to give up the real deal. I gave them a couple of tanks with blueberry custard and they are now vaping instead of smoking. The flavor made the difference.

I have also converted 17-20 others by spending my money to buy them the right vaporizer and flavors to make it work for them.

Flavors Saves Lives!

Instead of getting rid of flavors, how about we doing something new… parenting. Let parents be parents and keep teens away from e-cigs? Why stop adults that are successfully quitting with yummy flavors to save our children. Stop trying to do parents jobs for them.

What happens next? The Vaping Blackmarket?

What if the equipment we are using now goes away? Will the devices we use now become illegal? I would hate to see this. Instead of pushing us into a dark ally, why not embrace the most effective aid to quit smoking that we’ve ever seen in our lifetime. Don’t make it hard to get the product we are using to successfully quit smoking.

In closing, I just want to ask again, please do not turn this industry over to the tobacco companies. It is clear that they don’t care about our health or pockets.

Don’t sit back and hope everything goes well.