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Kayfun. The Tank Standard?

Is the Kayfun the yard stick of tanks?

I was listening to Dimitris and PBusardo last night and they were discussing what works for them and how lower end vaping gear is close to being as a good as the expensive gear. They touched on their opinions of the Kayfun. The technology has got so good that lower end tanks are rivaling higher end tanks.

Dimitris talks about how, once he learned how to build the Kayfun properly, he hasn’t had any rebuildable tank system come around that has really blown him away. PBsardo praised the Kayfun and says that he’s on the “Kayfun Exit” of his journey right now. He goes on to say that the Kayfun vs other tank rebuildables is so close in performance that the time it takes to set up a others compared to Kayfun makes the Kayfun his choice.

I couldn’t agree more with both of them. Even though I have only been vaping 50 days, I have tried a few tanks. I’ve tried basically all the ProTanks, I have several Nautilus tanks, and a dozen BDC type tanks. I haven’t tried any other higher end rebuildable tanks though.

I am not sure if Phil and Dimitris are vaping on authentic Kayfuns or clones, but I can only assume they have the real thing.

About a week into vaping, I bought a couple Kayfun clones from a local B&M.  Using the coils and wick that were prebuilt, I tried them both. I did not like them at all. They both had a metal taste. Well, I was really new and didn’t realize a) that they were clones or b) I need to clean them well. Someone told me that it was probably the silica that was making it taste bad. I decided to take one of them apart and rebuild with cotton. I did a good job making a 1.6 ohm coil and wicked it good with cotton. It still had the metal taste. I decided to try the other one. This one had an issue with the deck though. The set screw on the negative lead was stripped out. Poor machining wherever it was made was the issue here.


This is where that 2nd Kayfun still sits until I get around to ordering a replacement.

Both of the Kayfuns went unused for weeks. When I got the Sigelei 20w a few weeks ago, I wanted to make the Kayfun work for me since they look so good with my Sigelei. I started reading forums, blog posts, etc about this metal taste. Let me say, I am an act 1st, read later type of person. I like to learn on my own. I should have read more before I gave up on the Kayfun.  I could have been enjoying the wonderful vape the Kayfun puts out so much earlier and might have held off on buying 4 Nautilus tanks, not that the Nautilus is bad… it’s not.

What I found in my reading is that the Kayfun clones out there need to be cleaned really well to get the machine oils and metal dust out of there. Perhaps the real Kayfun doesn’t have this issue, but these clones I have did. After I soaked the parts in vodka for a day and then cleaned them up really good, I built a new 1 ohm coil and loaded it up… OMFG. WOW!

kayfun1  kayfun2 kayfun3

Now I can use this sexy looking tank that hits hard and tastes superb!

A little later in the show, Phil and Dimitris also talk about how people like me that are just getting into vaping have it easy. We didn’t have to suffer through bad experiences and have such good products available to us. I realize this and I am glad! I tried cig-a-likes 4 years ago and didn’t give ecigs another chance until 50 days ago. I jumped into ecigs at the MVP 2 level and put the pedal to the floor. I should get my 1st authentic mech mod and my 1st authentic RDA in the mail today. I am not going for the clouds, but I do want to have something for all occassions. I still expect to use the Sigelei 20W with my only working Kayfun most of the time .

What do you think? Is the Kayfun still the best, easiest to use rebuilbable tank out there?

Check out the podcast. I have it setup to start where they are talking about the Kayfun. Well, it didn’t work. Fast Forward to to around the 25 to 26 minute mark.