Product Announcements

Katady ePower 3 VV/VW Released

There’s this neat looking mod that collects dust under the glass at my local B&M. It looks like an iPhone but it’s a VV, regulated mod. It’s the EPOWER 2. The EPOWER 2 is a 2200 mah variable voltage (3-5v) mod and I have been thinking about it for a while but with all the other gear I’ve already purchased, it just isn’t a smart buy. The EPOWER 2 is pretty neat looking though.

Well, tonight I caught a post from GotVapes on Facebook announcing that they had a brand new version of the Katady EPOWER… the EPOWER 3. Now it’s got a bigger battery and it’s got both variable voltage and variable wattage!



It’s got some nice features and goes up to 15 watts. That’s plenty for the average vaper in my opinion. Judging from the pictures, it’s got a nifty OLED scren with the firing button to the left of it. I am not sure how that will work, maybe it should be on the side. Without testing it, I can’t tell, but the MVP 2’s button placement works fine for me.

ePower 3 Features

  • Both Variable Voltage (3.0-6.0v and 3.0-15.0 watts) switchable
  • A WHOPPING 3400mah high quality battery inside (upgraded from the ePower 2 2200mah)
  • NOW! SWITCHABLE by menu for either AUTO or MANUAL
  • Now Includes 4GB of Flash Memory INSIDE! Load up your MP3s, plug into your car charger and vape and listen to your own tunes. Plug the multi-cable into the data transfer port on the side and your computer recognizes it as a flash drive to read/write data files!
  • Atomizer Resistance check that is very accurate – Internal Texas Instruments Circuitry!
  • Puff Counter that can be reset
  • Improved OLED display!
  • Easy 3 Click to enter the menu setup
  • Extremely thorough and easy to read and follow manual included.

This looks like a solid mid range device. Big Battery!

How Much?

$69.95 from GotVapes!